Wishing You a Happy New Year! – 2023

In this edition you will find stories of generosity.  Gifts of time, money and even flowers, offered by local businesses, service organizations and individuals that make our community special.

In the next few years, it will be more important than ever to think of others.  We will be called to raise our sights and broaden our outlook to extend beyond our local, regional and even national borders to address some of the major issues that loom ahead.  Some of them we’ve seen before: inflation, threats of war and persistent pandemics.  Others, like climate change are relatively new.  All will require a global cooperation like we’ve never seen before.  We will be challenged to extend our kindness and compassion to those who do not share our views, our vision, or even our values. We must remember what we do share: the goal of providing our children and grandchildren a safe and healthy future. Onwards and upwards!  KG

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