In these pages are stories of looking to the future with hope, several of them by and or about children.  Even as she describes the months-long journey from Ukraine to Millbrook, Elizabeth’s story focuses on the help her family received along the way rather than the fears that were their constant companions on their journey.  North Cavan students started a business in January which raked in $1680, most of it will purchase books for the school library.  The students are eager to continue the business in the next school year.  Isaiah pictured left, is another young entrepreneur finding ways to develop new skills and new products.  They would do well to take a close look at another local entrepreneur, Bill Clarke, who recently celebrated fifty years in business in Millbrook.  He still comes to work every day.  Attitude and energy are the keys to surviving and thriving and it seems like there’s a good dose of both in the community, at every age. KG

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