COMMENT – December 2022

Ten years ago, I became Publisher of the Millbrook Times.

My husband thoughtfully “gave” the paper to me for Christmas in 2012.  I call it the gift that keeps on giving.  At the time, the paper was going to fold due because the owners were ill.  My husband thought it should continue, but I rarely read it.  The paper was published weekly and I had a day job.  Fortunately, he had hired the services of a very competent editor, Celia Hunter. Still, I opened the “gift” with trepidation.  That feeling returns each time I send a new issue to the printer.

I now appreciate my husband’s insight.  Newspapers might seem antiquated, but I believe they can help bind a community, perhaps even soften polarized opinions that are so prevalent these days.  If you appreciate having a local paper, please thank our advertisers who make it possible.  Shop locally when you can, and “put your money where your house is”.   This holiday season as you count your blessings, be sure to include your community among them.  I certainly will.  Merry Christmas, Karen

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