Meet New Millbrook South Cavan Principal Marc Riopel

Photo Karen Graham.
Marc Riopel brings 26 years of experience to his new role as Principal at MSCPS.

Millbrook South Cavan Public School (MSCPS) will see a few changes next week when school starts. Marc Riopel has joined as Principal, taking the helm of a growing school that now has forty four staff supporting a school population of more than 500 students.  For the past seven years, Riopel has been Principal at Merwin Greer Public School in Cobourg, where the academic staff of six could comfortably sit around a table for staff meetings.  He will need a larger table for those meetings.

During his twenty-six years in public education, Riopel has developed a leadership style he describes as one focused on relationships.  It will take a few weeks just to learn staff names and assignments in his new position before this can begin. Fortunately, Vice Principal Jayne Patterson who has been at the school for several years, will provide valuable insight as a key member of the administrative team.

One of his first moves was to create an administrative hub of offices near the entrance of the school to facilitate communication and also send the message that the group is a team.

While he may be the team leader, Riopel plans to spend most of his time listening and observing as he assumes this new position in order to develop a better understanding of his new school community- inside and outside the building.  He also has plans to initiate a School Improvement Plan to complement the school board’s strategic planning goals.

Before heading down that path, there are a few more immediate issues to address.  Last week a new teacher vacancy was created due to a staff move, and two new portables were delivered, bringing the total on site to eight.  He was advised that hydro for the two new buildings would not be connected when school begins next week, so it will not be business as usual for classes in these portables for the first few days of the new school year.

A new elementary school is on the horizon, but still probably five years away from opening its doors.  The site earmarked for the new facility is located in the Towerhill North subdivision on the north side of Fallis Line south of the CMCC. School Trustee Angela Lloyd advises that the board expects to be able to purchase the property ___ when they can begin making plans based on size of the population it will serve.

Welcome to Millbrook.  KG

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