New Mobile Foot Care Business

Jennifer Doran is a Registered Nurse with thirteen years of experience. er nursing career began in hospitals and she eventually moved into working in a long term care home where she acquired a lot of experience treating foot issues for the elderly.  For older folks, foot care is not just… Continue reading

The Village Apothecary in Millbrook

Pictured is Dr. Brenda Tapp, Naturopathic Doctor and owner/ operator of the Village Apothecary in Millbrook and the Peterborough Centre of Naturopathic Medicine was recently acknowledged by Community Votes as top providers of acupuncture, naturopathy and nutrition in the Community Votes program. At her Millbrook location there are currently four… Continue reading

Autumn Smith Returns to Direct 4th Line Theatre’s First Play of 2024

Last August, Autumn Smith stepped in as Musical Director of the 2023 production of the Cavan Blazers, replacing brother-in-law Justin Hiscox who was suddenly hospitalized for many weeks due to a severe leg infection. It seems she was hooked, as this year she returns to the 4th Line as the… Continue reading

Millbrook South Cavan Public School fun Fair Brings Out the Crowds

Pictured are volunteers Amber Rose-Lennon and Leigh Prentice handing out cotton candy at the MSC Spring Fun Fair in early June. This year’s organizing committee Chair Heather Adamson and her volunteers organized an amazing event that attracted more than a thousand visitors. They decided to focus on bringing back the… Continue reading

School Council Volunteers Improve the Learning Experience for all Students

As the school year ends, families might be looking for ways to thank the educators who work with their children during the year but beyond the classroom is another group of volunteers that contribute to the entire school family behind the scenes: members of the School Council. All public schools… Continue reading

Irish Stewardship Concept Adopted by Millbrook Farm

In 2021, Burrenbeo Trust of Ireland launched The Hare’s Corner Project – an initiative to help farmers and landowners make more space for nature. he term comes from an old farming expression describing an unused corner of a field or a piece of rough ground that is left to nature,… Continue reading

The Conclusion of our Seniors Community Grant and Welcome to Summer!

Before jumping into the family programming that we will be offering this summer, I would like  to thank everyone who participated in our Seniors Community Grant. We have had an overwhelming amount of support from our patrons and community members which has allowed us to put together our final book:… Continue reading

Blocks and Blooms Shines a Spotlight on our Beautiful Community

Blocks and Blooms provided a welcome excuse to wander through the community and explore its beauty. It was a really feel-good day for everyone; the visitors, the hosts, downtown businesses, and the whole community, featuring an air of hospitality and celebration.  The weather was perfect and based on the smiles,… Continue reading