New Fire Hall Site Approved

After being sent back to further investigate the costs and other constraints surrounding developing the new fire hall on the township owned lands adjacent to the Municipal Offices, Greenview Environmental presented their results last week. The ideal location facilitates the quick assembly of volunteer fire-fighters to minimize their response times;… Continue reading

Supporting Local Artisans and Craftspeople

As you can imagine, when you buy from big retailers, already wealthy shareholders and overpaid executives barely even notice. It is a very different experience for local artisans, a customer really does count and is cause for celebration because you are truly making a difference in real people’s lives. Not only are… Continue reading

Nourishing the Body and Soul

Spring Bloom Orchard is a new family farm operation launched in the fall of 2019 by Amanda Rice and her father on Carmel Line in the fall of 2019. As the name suggests, the operation produces annual and perennial flowers to produce cut flower bouquets throughout the season, as well… Continue reading

Wild Ginger Farmstead Joins Producers Satisfying Appetites for Local Food

After working several years at a local market garden operation, Harmony Evans decided to go out on her own. Recognizing the growing appetite for local food, last year she took the plunge on a small farm on the edge of town.  She was raised on a farm outside of Lindsay,… Continue reading

New Hair Salon Coming to Millbrook

With the province allowing salons to open this week, Chloe Dewhurst’s timing is good. After working in salons in Peterborough and Bowmanville, Chloe chose to bring her hair styling and colour skills closer to home.  She and her family moved into the new subdivision last year and after a whole… Continue reading

Sanctuary Innerwear 2021

Anna Lukai’s Sanctuary Innerwear product line was one of five Canadian companies out of 191 around the globe recognized for leading the charge towards sustainable textile production. To full appreciate the quality of her products, visit her stall at the Millbrook Farmers’ Market, or her website at .