Comment – July 2021

Whispers are often more powerful than shouts when it comes to attracting attention.  The most powerful messages often use very few words.  Several simple and well-chosen words can communicate, educate or inspire – no lectures or explanations required.  Think-  Black Lives Matter; We shall overcome; Make Love, not war.  They hit directly at the heart of the issue.

Last week, a new well-chosen few words were added to that list- “We were children”.  Surrounded by small palms painted red, the words were quietly painted on the door of a Catholic Church in Saskatoon.  No loud demonstrations, just quiet grief expressed in solitude, but felt by a nation.

We all make mistakes, but I am reminded of the expression that pride goes before the fall.  It was arrogance that drove the residential school program which was designed to assimilate Indigenous children and transform them into “civilized” members of society.  More like us.  Sometimes when we think we know better, we have truly lost our way.  In the years ahead, let us find a way to offer respect to a culture which our institutions scorned in the past so that truth a reconciliation are not hollow words.  Oh, Canada!  ….. KG

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