Fire Chief Balfour Shares Hwy 115 Safety Concerns with MTO

After a difficult winter of repeated highway traffic accidents on Highway 115, particularly in the vicinity of the Tapley ¼ Line ramps, Cavan Monaghan Fire Chief Bill Balfour sent an extensive list of concerns to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in April to seek support to improve road conditions along… Continue reading

Ontario Conservation Authorities Developing Floodplain Maps

This has been a season for floods, which bring misery to affected property owners and financial pressure to insurance companies. While we feel for the homeowners, insurance providers are feeling the pain, too, which ultimately we will share.  Payouts in Canada for catastrophic events where flooding is a major source… Continue reading

Province Announces $71-million Investment to Improve Rural Broadband and Cellular Access

Two weeks ago, the province committed $71 million to the proposed Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) which was founded to improve mobile broadband and establish reliable cellular coverage across eastern Ontario. The announced support fulfills a previous provincial government commitment to invest in cellular and broadband infrastructure in Eastern Ontario…. Continue reading

Open For Business?  Not So Fast!

The mantra of modern day community planning is Live, Work and Play.  Loosely translated, community development should include a balance of residential, recreational and employment land uses, a goal which is reflected in the Official Plans of communities across Ontario. The model is good in theory but has proved challenging… Continue reading

211 – Ontario’s Helpline for Community and Social Services

The objective of this project is admirable:  to help Ontario residents navigate the complex network of health and human services 24/7, acting as a gateway to community, social, mental healthm and related government services.  Although it’s been available in Peterborough since 2009, it’s probably one of the least-known support systems… Continue reading

Comment – What will Ontario look like a year from now? 

Whoever takes the helm will certainly inherit a more polarized constituency.  Let’s hope the rhetoric that paints business as the enemy is dismissed.  Instead of assuming business owners are greedy and driven only by their self-interest, they should be considered valuable contributors to our communities, taking risks with their own… Continue reading

Millbrook Entrepreneur Launches Online Camping Website- Pitched

Growing up in England, Olaf Dunn was an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast.  His family spent vacations touring all around Europe with a camper staying in a variety of locations including rural and remote private campgrounds as well as some ‘wild camping’ locations where permitted.  He moved to Canada in… Continue reading

Project Tackles Cellular Dead Zones across Eastern Ontario

Acknowledging that mobile broadband is critical to regional growth, the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus and Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) welcomed the Ontario Government’s commitment of $71 million to improve cell service across the region announced by Ontario Rural Affairs Minister Jeff Leal last week. EORN has proposed a $213… Continue reading

Proposed Changes to OMB Format will Empower Local Decision-making

In the coming weeks, legislation will be introduced to create the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, which will, if passed, replace the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). After a six-month consultation process, changes unveiled by Municipal Affairs Minister Bill Mauro last month are expected to limit appeals of official plans, allow density… Continue reading