What’s Does the Future Hold for the Old Arena?

At the last Council meeting, Parks and Recreation Manager Gerry Barker presented a report outlining the findings of a recent structural engineering report regarding the condition of the aging facility, some cost estimates for potential repair activities and input from potential users of a revamped building. The engineering report broke… Continue reading

Fire Chief Balfour Shares Hwy 115 Safety Concerns with MTO

After a difficult winter of repeated highway traffic accidents on Highway 115, particularly in the vicinity of the Tapley ¼ Line ramps, Cavan Monaghan Fire Chief Bill Balfour sent an extensive list of concerns to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in April to seek support to improve road conditions along… Continue reading

Recreation Staff Hired to Fill the Community Centre with Programs

Shortly after the new community centre opened, two fresh faces appeared on the scene, full of energy, ideas and recreation program experience to help maximize the use of this new recreational asset.  Melissa Als and Karlie Cornish-Tkalec joined the Recreation Department to co-ordinate rentals, secure external programs and eventually deliver… Continue reading

Ganaraska Forest Board Hears Concerns Regarding ATVs

Jane Zednick of the municipality of Port Hope presented a delegation to the Ganaraska Regional Conservation Authority at last month’s meeting.  Throughout the dignified and thoughtful meeting, speakers came to present their positions regarding ATV traffic in the forest to Board members which include Chair Jeff Lees and Cavan Monaghan… Continue reading

ATV Decision Status

At the meeting of July 2nd, Council did not support the recommendations of staff report – Parks and Facilities-2019-12 Proposed off-road vehicle routes in the Township of Cavan Monaghan. During the discussion with Council at that meeting, it was established that there were three distinct topics relative to ORVs in… Continue reading

COMMENT – November 2019 – We Remember

The next time you are stopped behind a high school bus, look at the students getting off – wearing toques and earphones, joking with friends, or off in a world of their own.  Now picture them in an armed forces uniform. This month, we honour the men and women who,… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor – November 2019 – ATVs

Coming to Your Street Next ATVs aren’t designed to be driven on roads and are dangerous both on and off road.  They shouldn’t be allowed on our roads.  A report by Public Health Ontario – “The Epidemiology of All-Terrain and Snowmobile Injuries in Ontario” states that during 2014 and 2015 there… Continue reading

Grades 7 and 8 Program to Crestwood Next Fall?

On October 10, parents of students in the Crestwood Secondary School catchment area were notified of a school board proposal to establish an intermediate program which would send grade 7 and 8 students to Crestwood beginning next fall. It’s not news that the recently extended building for Millbrook/South Cavan (MSC)… Continue reading