Pump Track Proposal Receives Warm Reception

Council was introduced to an interesting recreational opportunity at last month’s Council meeting when biking enthusiasts John Frizzle and David D’Agostino outlined their proposal for a local Pump Track. These installations consist of a continuous bike loop that users can ride without pedaling, which incorporates berms, criss-crossing lines and smooth… Continue reading

Township’s Building Boom Continues

It should be no surprise that building activity in the township was extraordinary last year.  According to the Building Permit Activity Report filed by Chief Building Official Kyle Phillips at the January 14th Council meeting, permit count more than doubled, total dwellings created increased almost five-fold, the value of construction… Continue reading

Remembering the ’70’s and ’80’s

Just a few decades ago, but so many changes!  Locally the 1970’s and 1980’s looked and felt a lot different from now.   Don’t let those memories slip away! There’s no better time than now, on a cold winter’s night, to gather round and share a few stories, laugh at the… Continue reading

OLG Revenue to Help Township Address Aging Infrastructure

Last week, the township received a third-quarter (October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018) non-tax gaming revenue payment of $89,963 from Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) for hosting Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs.  This payment represents revenue earned during the first two weeks of October and during the last… Continue reading

Donations for Belize

Pictured is Bev Hilditch receiving a gift of a crock pot from Nancy Britton, representing the Millbrook Home Hardware store.  Bev expressed her appreciation for the contribution to the Annual Belize Auction. The auction was held on January 26th at St John’s Anglican Church in Ida. St. John’s has been… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – February 2019

Letter to the Editor On behalf of the Millbrook and Area Garden Club, thank you for your article in the last edition (Find Local Expertise at the Millbrook Garden Club, January 2019). Your help in getting our name out to the gardening public is much appreciated. One correction though: our… Continue reading

Comment – February 2019

Budget time is when elected representatives feel the pressure of reconciling the public wants against the fiscal realities. Very few funding requests they receive are fundamentally unreasonable; but when put into the context of financial reality, the demands conflict, making some decisions feel arbitrary.  Cavan Monaghan Council members received some… Continue reading