Municipal Election Candidates

Mayor: Jim Chaplin, Zion Line, Millbrook Scott McFadden, Larmer Line, Millbrook   Deputy Mayor: Neal Cathcart, Sharpe Line, Cavan Monaghan Matthew Graham, Larmer Line, Millbrook   Cavan Councillor: John Fallis, Fallis Line, Cavan Monaghan Cathy Moore, Moore Drive, Cavan Monaghan   Millbrook Councillor: Ryan Huntley, King St., Millbrook North Monaghan… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor

Re:         “King Street West Opening Marked by Speeding” – p.10, July 2018 I read with interest – and trepidation – your piece on King Street West finally being completed and the accompanying speeding cars that are increasing in frequency since the street was completed. The Peterborough Police Service ticketing… Continue reading

Millbrook Water Charges Revisited

The new Water and Wastewater plant may have received accolades from the Ontario Public Works Association, but many users take a dimmer view of the project.  Since the new plant came on line in 2016, the township has fielded complaints from Millbrook residents facing sticker shock when they open their… Continue reading

Tobacco Endgame Could End “Hallway Healthcare”

In the early days of May 2018, the Ontario government released its long awaited Smoke Free Ontario strategy. Its opening sentence reminds readers that “Every day tobacco kills more Ontarians than alcohol, illicit substances, accidents, suicide and homicides combined.” And for those whose bottom line may be dollars and cents:… Continue reading

New Market Vendor Pays Homage to her Past

Irene Rudigier shakes her head in amazement at how things turn around in life.  At her booth in the Millbrook Market, she offers produce that she shunned as a child: things like celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke and horseradish.  Growing up in Germany, these items were commonplace, and found in backyard gardens. … Continue reading