Mayor and Deputy Mayor Express Concerns about the County Budget

In early February, Mayor Scott McFadden and Deputy Mayor Matthew Graham hosted two Town Hall meetings to share their concerns regarding County Budget discussions to clarify their position and seek ratepayer input. Cavan Monaghan is one of eight Peterborough County member municipalities which joined together to improve purchasing power in… Continue reading

Municipal Tax Levy to Rise by 3.16%

Last month, the 2020 municipal budget was approved, reflecting a 3.16% increase in the Municipal Residential Tax Rate. This consists of a 1.86% increase to cover the 2020 Operating budget and a 1.3% increase to fund the 2020 Capital budget.   This rate increase is significantly lower than the actual increase… Continue reading

Casino Payments Help Address Aging Infrastructure Pressure

Last month, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) delivered a Q3 (October 1 to December 31, 2019) non-tax gaming revenue payment of $106,328 to the Township of Cavan Monaghan for hosting Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs.  The city of Peterborough received $780,031 for the same period.  The combined payments represent… Continue reading

Staff gives Update on Off-Road Vehicle Route

At the regular meeting of Cavan Monaghan Council on January 13, 2020, staff presented a report, Update – Off-road Vehicle Route from the Victoria Rail Trail to the Ganaraska Forest. This report was compiled following the Public Meeting of September 17, 2019, to respond to questions and concerns raised at… Continue reading

Comprehensive Zoning Plan Ready for Approval

After many months of hard work, Director of Planning Karen Ellis presented a final draft of the Comprehensive Zoning by-Law in a public meeting last week.  After five public meetings, this was the final opportunity for public comment before the finalized document is presented to Council next week.  Thirty people… Continue reading

Building Boom in the Township

Driving by the new Towerhill subdivision, the evidence is clear – there’s a whole lot of building going on around here!  After a slow start, builders Bromont and Pristine Homes have recently kicked up the pace of new home construction in the new residential development off Fallis Line, and the… Continue reading

Municipal Election Candidates

Mayor: Jim Chaplin, Zion Line, Millbrook Scott McFadden, Larmer Line, Millbrook   Deputy Mayor: Neal Cathcart, Sharpe Line, Cavan Monaghan Matthew Graham, Larmer Line, Millbrook   Cavan Councillor: John Fallis, Fallis Line, Cavan Monaghan Cathy Moore, Moore Drive, Cavan Monaghan   Millbrook Councillor: Ryan Huntley, King St., Millbrook North Monaghan… Continue reading