Comprehensive Zoning Plan Ready for Approval

After many months of hard work, Director of Planning Karen Ellis presented a final draft of the Comprehensive Zoning by-Law in a public meeting last week.  After five public meetings, this was the final opportunity for public comment before the finalized document is presented to Council next week.  Thirty people attended, and several provided comments and concerns regarding their own property as well as the communication process surrounding the project.  While it is called an update, the document has the potential to significantly impact the uses of private property.

Many changes have occurred in the township since the last review took place in 2004.  This recent project was designed to make the township planning document streamlined and user-friendly, incorporating diagrams and tables for clarification and incorporate contemporary land use views.  It also brings local zoning policy in line with a variety of significant planning policies such as the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area and the Oak Ridges Moraine Plan as well as local strategies such as our own Official Plan, our Corporate Strategic Plan and the Millbrook Revitalization Plan.

New provisions reflecting modern land use ideas include keeping urban livestock (from 2 to 5 are permitted but no roosters), basement apartments, commercial patios, the use of shipping containers (temporary storage use allowed in residential zones) and shooting ranges (not allowed).

A number of new zones were created, including a Hamlet Residential zone and a number of Core Mixed Use Zones to allow residential and commercial to co-exist in the downtown Millbrook area. Former Hazard Lands are now divided into Natural Core and Natural Linkage zones.

One significant area of change is the rules regarding accessory buildings, where the number of permitted buildings in residential zones has increased to three and the maximum permitted lot coverage has risen from 5% to 10%.  Leaving no revenue-generating potential stone unturned, there is even a provision for Cannabis Production Facilities.

At 149 pages, the document is not a quick read, but users can easily zoom in on their area of interest and find the information they need.  Township staff is available to point you in the right direction and help you see how it might apply to your property.  To read the report, visit—Draft-V7–Aug-30-2018.pdf or search in the Planning section for Township of Cavan Monaghan Draft Zoning By-law 2018. KG

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