A Higher Minimum Wage Improves Public Health and the Economy

After months of consulting, the provincial government has introduced a bill to amend existing employment and labour laws that address several issues like pay equity for part-time and temporary workers, scheduling rules and better enforcement of the laws.  Also included in these changes is an increase to the minimum wage… Continue reading

Canada – who and what took its place in space

Canada’s first astronomers weren’t called Canadians. They were the native peoples. For centuries they had been reading the northern skies to learn when to plant and when to harvest their crops. Like the Greeks and Romans their legends and history were written in the constellations they perceived in the star… Continue reading

Could Canada Post Step into the Void Left by TD’s Departure?

Conclusions on the Federal government’s postal review are expected shortly, and the rhetoric is heating up. There is a feeling that the committee charged with the review has not seriously considered adding banking services to the mandate of this Crown Corporation.  Proponents argue that many Canadians in remote parts of… Continue reading

Gillian Webster Selected for Ontario Field Lacrosse

  Millbrook resident Gillian Webster has been selected for the U19 Team Ontario Field Lacrosse team this season.  This is not the first time this impressive young lady has made a provincial Lacrosse team.  In 2015, Gilliam was one of the youngest members of the U18 team and travelled to… Continue reading

Thanks for the Fair!

Things were looking bleak the week before the Fair this year.  Unprecedented rain, while welcome, had left the fairgrounds soggy and organizers concerned.  Fortunately the skies cleared and the fair occurred with the only four straight days of sunshine we’ve experienced in weeks. Thanks to a PA day, Children’s day… Continue reading