Pictures are Great! Don’t Forget the Words

On special occasions our son, Brad, and his family often give us framed family photos as gifts. Last month, we received an empty frame with the word “Memories” written in large letters under where the picture will be. Somehow, in the midst of our chaotic household, that frame was placed… Continue reading

2020 – A Year for Trusting

Another new year has dawned. What is ahead? For our family, we have expectations of great joy among our grandchildren. Tim starts a new job, Chris & Haruna are expecting a baby (our first great grandchild), Ben and Allyson are getting married, Zachary starts teacher’s college and Ellie university: so… Continue reading

Come, Join the Adventure!

Flying standby can be an adventure. It’s Friday. You’re flying standby into a busy airport. You find yourself watching plane after plane take off without you. That’s when your mind needs to shift to adventure mode. What new and exciting things are happening around you? After all, you will eventually… Continue reading