New Children’s Book Celebrates Differences

Janet Stobie has just launched a new children’s book entitled Rajah Finds His Wisdom. In it, a young elephant learns to appreciate his differences and use them in special ways. Janet found her Rajah prototype a few years ago on a safari in Africa.  Larger by half than its Asian… Continue reading

Will Someone Please Be Our Leader? We Will Gladly Help!!!!

In today’s world finding volunteers is difficult, especially for leadership positions. Groups are closing down because no one will agree to be president or chair or whatever leader is needed. I’ve had people come to me in tears. “I’ve served as President of our group for twelve years. I’ve learned… Continue reading

Today’s Faith – July 2022

A few weeks ago we enjoyed the musical “Annie” at the Peterborough Theatre Guild. Three members of our Keene church family performed superbly in the cast. One, Indigo Chesser, played the orphan child, Hope. Be sure to join Indigo playing the part of “Sunny Donnegal” in Fourth Line Theatre’s “The… Continue reading