Today’s Faith – February 2024

February brings thoughts of Valentine’s Day and love. The Bible compares love to a rope, strongest and healthiest with three strands. Jesus identified those three strands as love for God, love for one another and love for one’s self. Each person makes their own choice about love of God. Let’s… Continue reading

“We are an Affirming Congregation”

Our church family celebrated becoming an “Affirming Congregation” in December. Becoming affirming means that we have pledged to be intentional about accepting everyone – color race, gender identity, creed, ability, whatever. When I told one of my beloved family members about our celebration, the reaction was, “Isn’t everyone accepting? Aren’t… Continue reading

Traditions, Memories, Christmas Trees

When I was a child, it seemed the brightly coloured lights sparkling on our Christmas tree lit up the world.  Over the years, I’ve tried clear glass lights, white lights, blue lights on our tree, but I always return to the rainbow of colours of my childhood. Now, my artificial… Continue reading