We Can Choose Joy!

For me, December means the stress of shopping expeditions, Christmas parties, family gatherings, extra church services. This year, the COVID-19 protocol says, “Stay home!” Will that bring relief? No. I actually love the gift-giving, the parties, and having the family come home. I look forward to the feast, the games,… Continue reading

A Virtual Book Launch for Janet Stobie’s New Book

Janet Stobie is launching a new book this month called Breakthrough Moments. It’s her second short story collection for adult readers and is divided into occasions- some religious and some secular, like Mother’s Day.  Each segment begins with a scripture passage, followed by a story designed to clarify and bring… Continue reading

How Do We Become God’s Faithful People?

In today’s world, tradespeople are highly valued. Qualifying as a skilled tradesperson is a lengthy process. After three years or more of college comes another two- or three-year apprenticeship, working beside a master of the trade. Covid-19 has made it safer to learn all we need to know on our… Continue reading