Doors Open May 11th for Another Season of Harness Racing At Kawartha Downs

It’s an event that many feared would not return after a tumultuous few years of haggling with the provincial powers that be since the 2013 announcement that the Slots At Racetracks Program would be cancelled.  The Slots at Racetracks program was launched in 1998 and by 2006, 17 racetracks in… Continue reading

Public Meeting Facilitates Better Understanding of Water Rate Issues

More than 30 residents attended the Public Meeting on April 11th to voice their concerns and better understand the water and wastewater system charges that have risen significantly since the launch of the new water plant facilities in 2015. These water rates were established in 2015 as part of a… Continue reading

Garbage Reduction Begins With Proper Recycling

Beginning this September, Cavan Monaghan will begin promoting the use of clear garbage bags, which will become mandatory on January 1st.  These bags have resulted in significant reduction in garbage production in neighbouring communities such as Douro-Dummer and Asphodel, and their use was adopted last month as part of the… Continue reading

Comment – It’s About Jobs – May 2019

  This weekend, I returned to Fleming College for a visit to the Garden Show.  Some things had changed since my retirement four years ago, including a brand new wing.  I remember faculty often complaining that the college always had money for buildings, but not so for core academic expenditures-… Continue reading

New Ice Allocation Policy Strives to Balance User Interests and Budget Concerns

The new policy has been developed to manage the township’s ice venue and facilities to ensure fair and equitable distribution of ice times among all interested user groups and provide a framework supporting the best business model for the municipality.  One of the objectives is to maximize ice rental opportunities… Continue reading

What’s Ahead for the Old Arena Facility?

It’s the topic of many local conversations. Suggestions abound, ranging from keeping it open as a rink to take advantage of an ice shortage next season, to razing it and converting the area to a green space, or renting out the building to other user groups. While the ice is… Continue reading