Another Printing as Geoff Taylor’s Novel Takes Off

  It’s not like the story has never been told, so Millbrook’s Geoff Taylor knew he had to tell the story of the death of Tom Thomson in a unique way.  He knew it wouldn’t be easy, a fact confirmed by a heckler at his first reading challenging him on… Continue reading

Look and Feel Younger with the Right Yoga Moves

Attempts to look younger usually focus on skin tone, wrinkles and obvious evidence of aging above the neck, and perhaps the sight of sagging skin under the arms.  But no matter how good we look in the mirror, once we start to move, our secret is out, because the most… Continue reading

Lest We Forget: The Experiences of WWII Veteran Clarence Munroe

During the Millbrook Remembrance Day Service, Reverend Lynda Hodgins shared the story of the WW II experience of one of our long time Cavan residents, Clarence Munroe. Clarence would prefer that his story be seen for what it is: not one of valour and patriotic flag waving, but a real… Continue reading

Taking the Plunge: Becky Dong goes it Alone in New Venture

After more than 30 years working in the Chinese restaurant business, this spring Becky Dong decided it was time to be her own boss. Encouraged by an enthusiastic and loyal customer base, Dong found a modern location close to her Cavan Monaghan customers and in March opened Happy Palace, a… Continue reading

Fraserville Entrepreneur Alex Bushell’s Start up Launches Revolutionary Lab System

There are many routes that lead to starting your own business. For Alex Bushell and his partner Steve Wright, the path began with frustration on the job that peaked after their employer was purchased by a US multinational, leaving them feeling disconnected. In 2013, Alex Bushell spent 40% of his… Continue reading

Local Talent Shines at Magna Hoedown Showdown in Aurora

After months of auditions where competitor numbers were whittled down to only ten, two Peterborough lads took second and third place in the 28th Aurora Magna Hoedown Showdown on Saturday September 17th. Jade Daniel Eagleson of Bailieboro took second prize while Cameron Von Criegren of Peterborough took third place in… Continue reading