We Day Toronto

“Together we change the world” according to Mark and Craig Kielburger, the founders of the Me to We organization. On Wednesday October 19th eight students from our amazing group of Me to We leaders experienced a life changing event known as We Day! The event included world known singers, bands, and greatest of them all; inspirational speakers. We interviewed two of the representatives from our leaders, “it was a life changing experience” said Carrie; one of the prime members of Me to We. Ella added in that “It was a once in a life time opportunity.” If you would like to see more about this event go to https://www.we.org/we-day/ and watch the video!

By Olivia and Julianna, Millbrook South Cavan School Newspaper Club

(The November edition incorrectly attributed this article to Carrie and Ella. Our apologies and thanks to Olivia and Julianna.)


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