COMMENT – November 2019 – We Remember

The next time you are stopped behind a high school bus, look at the students getting off – wearing toques and earphones, joking with friends, or off in a world of their own.  Now picture them in an armed forces uniform. This month, we honour the men and women who,… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – Veterans’ Medals

I would like to inform your readers about two very special medals that are available for our veterans. These are the National Order of the Legion of Honour from France and the Ambassador for Peace Medal from the Republic of Korea. Our veterans of the Second World War and the… Continue reading

Help Honour Local War Veterans

Centreville Presbyterian Church in South Monaghan is the keeper of Millbrook Grace Presbyterian Church’s War Veterans’ Honour Roll.  We are reproducing these Honour Rolls as some soldiers were missed, even after identifying several “Barnardo Home” boys who were old enough to sign up.  We would like to fill in some… Continue reading

Remembrance Day 2018 – Millbrook

Remembrance Day events ensured all generations had the opportunity to recognize and appreciate our armed forces. The Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph was well attended, and members of the 33rd Scout Group including Beavers, Cubs and Scouts joined residents at Centennial Place to pay their respects.

Comment – November 2018

Standing in the wind and cold through many past Remembrance Day events has felt like an appropriate discomfort to face to acknowledge the many trials that former and current members of our Armed Forces have undergone on our behalf.  Whether you attend a Remembrance Day service or take a quiet… Continue reading

One of Our Honoured War Dead: Flight-Sergeant Johnny Arundel

Recently a book, emails, and photos came into my possession that brought to life someone I knew only as a name on the Millbrook cenotaph:  J.S. Arundel. That aristocratic surname (there is a castle in England by this name) has often made me wonder about him. And now I know…. Continue reading