More Election Coverage Coming

A group of residents have presented our municipal candidates with a series of questions regarding their positions on local issues.  These questions and answers will be posted to the Millbrook Times website at when they are received, which is anticipated to occur in time for residents to become better… Continue reading

New Federal Electoral Boundary Proposal Divides Cavan-Monaghan Into Three Ridings

Last week the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario released a report outlining the status of their current project to revise the federal electoral boundaries across the province. A review of these boundaries is required by the Constitution after each 10 year census to address changes in the growth and… Continue reading

Certified List of Candidates for Cavan-Monaghan Municipal Election

Per Cavan-Monaghan Twp website Mayor-at-Large Daryl Bennet              Phone: 705-743-8859             Email: Matthew Graham        Phone: 705-418-1615            Email:   Deputy Mayor- at Large Ryan Huntley              Phone: 416-459-4920            Email: Dean Del Mastro        Phone: n/a                                Email:   Ward 1 (former North Monaghan) Nelson Edgerton       Phone: 705-927-4368             Email: Bob… Continue reading

Local Residents Organizing 4 Municipal Candidate Meetings

Residents from across the township have come together to organize a series of meetings to introduce Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Ward Counsellor municipal candidates to their respective Wards.  The tentative dates are: the south on September 27th and October 6th, the north east on October 4th and the north central on… Continue reading

Kelsie Armstrong Selected Grand Champion

Don’t let her diminutive size and quiet voice fool you.  Kelsie Armstrong is a seasoned entrepreneur.  We’ve watched her grow up, starting a vegetable business twelve years ago with her brother Cody when she was in grade two.  The pair grew ten acres of sweet corn, five acres of pumpkins… Continue reading

Interest is High for Lots at Syer Line Industrial Park

After being selected as the successful bidder for the property at 1066 Syer Line last month, the new owner is preparing for the development of an industrial park which is expected to bring many new jobs to the community.  While the sale has not yet closed, the buyer is fielding… Continue reading

A Taste of New Zealand in Millbrook

  Lauren Cameron is showcasing some of the culinary skills she acquired during a year spent in New Zealand where she learned to appreciate their savoury pies. After years of experimenting back home in Canada, she believes she has “perfected” the Kiwi pie and is sharing her enthusiasm in a… Continue reading