We are all Homeschoolers Now

How things have changed!  Now instead of limiting screen time, families across the province are juggling to provide screens and internet to their children to allow them access to assignments, learning tools and their teachers so they can get some school work done. Parents have always been their children’s’ first… Continue reading

New Telephone Scam Targeting Local Church Congregations

A new telephone scam has been reported that targets unsuspecting members of local churches in the Peterborough area. The caller says that he is calling on behalf of the person’s church. He explains that the church has incurred damage to its building and that he is raising funds on behalf… Continue reading

Council Considers Temporary Pedestrian Only Route for King Street

At the May 19th Council meeting, Mayor McFadden directed staff to investigate the possibility of closing King St in Millbrook from Tupper St. (County Rd. 10) to Allan Lane to traffic during an undetermined period of time this summer.  Think of it as an extended edition of “Ladies’ Night”, with… Continue reading

Remote Curriculum Delivery – The Teacher Experience   

Since mid-March, teachers have scrambled to find ways to deliver content in new, remote ways while keeping the content accessible and relevant to their broad and diverse audience. Some of them had to come up to speed with the technology tools they would come to rely on in this new… Continue reading

Blowing in the Wind – Township Explores Recycling Issues

Complaints from residents about recycling litter on the streets and in the ditches of Cavan Monaghan have been common since the switch to the new Recycling Collection Service provider last fall. In January, township staff sent a letter to Peterborough County which provides waste management services to the township seeking… Continue reading