Who Needs a Mortgage Agent? 

When people are investing $200,000, they almost always seek professional advice before making a move. Brian Field wonders why they don’t take the same precautions when they are borrowing a similar amount.  When looking for a mortgage, most people go directly to their bank, but not all mortgages are alike. … Continue reading

Susan Tung’s Next Adventure

On Valentine’s Day, local restaurateur Susan Tung held a “soft launch” of her new restaurant on Hunter Street in Peterborough, even as she worked through the completion of her degree in Education.  Shortly after, COVID-19 forced the closure of most business in the province.  Susan took advantage of the closure… Continue reading

From Winter to Summer!

The following article originally ran in 2013. Other matters have been keeping me occupied so I’m hoping you won’t mind a second helping of this column. COVID-19 was certainly not on our radar back in those palmy days. Stay well! Of course we were all longing for the spring-that-didn’t-seem-to-want-to-get-started to… Continue reading

Pictures are Great! Don’t Forget the Words

On special occasions our son, Brad, and his family often give us framed family photos as gifts. Last month, we received an empty frame with the word “Memories” written in large letters under where the picture will be. Somehow, in the midst of our chaotic household, that frame was placed… Continue reading

4th Line Theatre Hosts Live Stream Reading of The Cure for Everything

Backed by funding from longtime supporter Nexicom, the 4th Line Theatre continues to offer online programming this June. Like everyone else in these unprecedented times, 4th Line is responding to the need to encourage people to stay home by creating online programming. The company is excited to bring the world… Continue reading

Club Announces Cancellation of 2020 House League Soccer Season

The Board of Directors of Maple Leaf Cavan FC has been monitoring local and provincial updates regarding COVID-19 very closely as it considered the 2020 House League season. The Board also reflected on Ontario Soccer direction suspending all in-person soccer activities until the end of June. On May 13, 2020,… Continue reading

The Role of Baxter Creek in the Development of Millbrook

It is widely known that without Baxter Creek, Millbrook would not exist.  In the early 1820’s when this area was settled, a man named John Deyell chose to build his grist and sawmill on “E ½ 12th in 4th Concession”. Originally called Deyell’s Mill, this is what we now know… Continue reading