Local Face Masks Available

Photo ©Deborah Carew

Some of parishioners of St. Thomas Anglican Church in Millbrook are making non-medical cloth face masks which may assist in reducing possible transmission of the virus responsible for Covid-19 from the wearer of the mask to other people in close range. Use of a face mask is not a substitute for physical distancing (6 feet), regular hand-washing, and sneezing/ coughing into one’s elbow or into a disposable tissue, and using other common sense precautions. In order to be effective, cloth masks should be laundered after each use and should not be touched or adjusted when worn.

Those wishing to obtain one or more non-medical cloth face masks are asked to contact St. Thomas Anglican Church parish office by phone 705-932-2233 or by email at cavmanparish@nexicom.net.  Someone will get back to you to connect you with the mask-makers and arrange delivery or pick up.  KG

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