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Our Publication Dates

HOGG; Tony Leigh Vernon ~ With broken hearts we said goodbye to our cherished son Tony, Feb 13 at 5pm in his 29th year. He went peacefully at home surrounded by his family and beloved dog after a brave fight with Multiple sclerosis. He is free now and off to […]

Tony Hogg

C Cavan Monaghan Libraries is here to serve the community!  February is all about Valentine’s Day with an event of crafts, food, and fun on Saturday February 11th @ 10:30 a.m. at the Bruce Johnston Branch. Erica Hernandez, with Music for Young Children will be back on February 16th at […]

Library Events in Cavan Monaghan

Our Atom rep team sailed through their first three games in the Peterborough Atom Liftlock Tournament last month, winning in tight matches with their goalie Aiden Bons letting in a a single goal in each contest. Those matches allowed the team to play in the semi-finals on Sunday against the […]

Atom Rep Team Win First Three

In an attempt to expedite the construction of the Community Centre, last month Council considered moving directly into the planning stage with MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects (MJMA) for the design and construction of this project.  This firm is building a facility in North Kawartha similar to the one the township […]

Community Centre Project to be Tendered

Sighs of relief at the review of recently received property tax notices are premature.  Ratepayers should consider the amounts reflected in the interim bills sent out last week as deposits towards their final bills which will not arrive until June.  Municipalities may only bill a maximum of 50% of the […]

Understanding your Property Taxes

Staff from the Township of Cavan Monaghan attended the Ontario Public Works Association’s (OPWA) Annual Conference Awards Luncheon to receive the 2016 Project of the Year Award for Small Municipalities. The OPWA is a not-for-profit organization of professional public works practitioners, whose  awards program recognizes outstanding individuals, groups and organizations […]

Cavan Monaghan Awarded OPWA Project of the Year

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) today issued a third-quarter (October to December, 2016) non-tax gaming revenue payment of $820,509 to the Township of Cavan Monaghan for hosting Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs. Since November 1999, Cavan Monaghan has received more than $54.6 million in non-tax gaming revenue. These […]

OLG makes third-quarter payment to Cavan Monaghan

Residents may have noticed delays in road clearing this month, and it’s not because the Public Works department is trying to save money.  After a significant accident during a freezing rain storm on Boxing Day, one of the main road maintenance vehicles in service, the 2005 Tandem Truck, rolled over […]

New Tandem Truck Purchase Expedited

Mayor McFadden had ten minutes to make his point on Monday to former NDP MP Glenn Thibeault who took over the Energy portfolio last June.  McFadden hosted a town hall last week on short notice to collect input from the community after learning he had secured an audience with the […]

Mayor Meets Energy Minister to Protest Rural Hydro Rates

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Clarence Munroe of Cavan on Monday, January 9th.   A widower twice, Clarence left peacefully at his home at the age of 93, surrounded by his family.  Munroe’s extensive World War II experience was chronicled in the December edition of this […]

The Community Loses Another Veteran

The people are speaking.  Are our political leaders listening?  At every level of government, it’s budget time, and that’s when we really see the priorities come to the fore.  It’s a tough balancing act between being fiscally responsible and citizen expectations.  We should soon see, as the Federal budget will […]

Comment – It’s Budget Time

Referring to my good friend Andy Harjula’s Letter to the Editor in the January Issue of the Millbrook Times: It worries me to think that some of us may be ‘pitting’ a new fire hall against a new Community Centre.  The reality is:  we want them both; we need them […]

Letter to the Editor

I am a recent resident having moved here last November from Toronto. I moved up here to live with my boyfriend and his two sons and I have enjoyed the transition. I love going to Millbrook to get lunch at the Pastry Peddlar, or watch a play at 4th Line. […]

Letter to the Editor #2

Many times, we have been told by Hydro One, delivery charges on our hydro bill is approximately 30% of the cost of the electricity we are being charged for. People living in rural area’s “may be charged a little more”, I do understand that, but what do they mean by […]

Letter to the Editor #3

After last year’s drought, local conservation authorities are introducing new tools to minimize the impact of development on local hydrology.  Most construction projects inevitably affect water drainage by increasing water runoff and reducing the natural absorption process of rain and snowmelt.  Problems arising from stormwater runoff can be significantly reduced […]

Bluescaping – Green Infrastructure to Protect the Water Table

ORCA and Hatch design engineers were on hand last week to connect back with the community about the changes to the Millbrook Dam rehabilitation project scheduled to start this fall.  The presentation revealed several improvements that were appreciated by residents who dropped in to see the new drawings. One of […]

Revised Dam Design Revealed at ORCA Open House

The Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA) will be undertaking remedial actions at the Millbrook Dam to ensure the structural integrity of the dam. The work will involve the construction of a cofferdam in the mill pond in front of the existing penstock pipe and the strengthening of the toe berm.  […]

ORCA Announces Remedial Work to Protect Millbrook Dam

Five kilometers west of Cavan you will see a sign with a large guitar on it on the south side of 7A.  There is the home and workshop of Roger Stuckless (Roger Stuckless Custom Guitars), Cavan’s resident luthier. Since 1992, Roger has been hand crafting beautiful and unique guitars.  His […]

Local Guitar Craftsman Has International Reputation

I’m sure many have heard or read this line from Shakespeare’s play, Richard III? They are the opening lines of the play that lay the groundwork for the portrait of Richard, the king, as a discontented man who is unhappy in a world that hates him. With all that has […]

“Now is the Winter of our Discontent”

Residential real estate values in the Peterborough area in 2016 rose 10%, a rate which began to escalate at the end of the year. Competition for residential properties is heating up, and the practice of waiting a week or more between the listing date and the review of offers which […]

Real Estate Market Update

In Ontario schools, the focus has shifted from literacy to numeracy, and students are knuckling down on math through a new strategy aimed at all student levels from kindergarten to Grade 12. The Renewed Math Strategy is the Ontario Ministry of Education’s response to declining math results among Ontario students […]

Math Strategy Focuses on Words Before Numbers

When I found myself newly single, I started spending a lot of time baking.  I love not only the taste and the smell of it, but its underlying message:  that no matter how bad things may look in the beginning, they can always turn out with the right combination of […]

All Gluten, All the Time

See any cool socks lately? Many of the students at MSC have! Just recently Millbrook South Cavan Public School had another schooltastic spirt day, on Friday 27th many students at MSC participated and showed some school spirt for the Millbrook Hawks by sporting some creative and fun socks! by Newspaper […]

Crazy Sock Day at MSC

Hey Millbrook, the grade 4 to 6 classes went to the Film Festival and one of the many amazing films they showed was a girl who wanted to drive a gondola but her father said no it is only for boys. This film was called ‘The Girl and the Gondola’.  […]

Film Festival

Present, cartwheel, dive roll, round off- get ready Millbrook, Gymnastics is invading Millbrook South Cavan P.S.! There will be hard work, dedication and NO injuries. But also fun and friendship, along with a dance routine. Some of things we love are that gym is always filled with high energy people […]


Right here at Millbrook South Cavan we had a Family Literacy Evening event.  It was full of fun and excitement. The evening included author/illustrator Bill Slavin.  His books were available for purchase including hardcover, softcover and board books.  The evening included a “Read with your Child” workshop followed by Student […]

Literacy Night

Hi, community! Today I am here to talk about our school’s Junior Division. We’re all reading a book called Wonder. This book is about a boy named August.  Almost everyone calls him Auggie and he has a cleft pallet and many more problems as well. Also he has long hair […]


At Millbrook South Cavan Public School, we have proven that anyone can make a difference when we work together. The MSC Me To We group has met two major goals in 6 years – providing a $5,000 well in Dos Palais, Haiti and a $10,000 goal of building a school […]

Believe In The Power Of Youth

The weekend of January 13th, 2017 the Millbrook Stars Peewee White team made the long drive to South Huron Ontario to compete in the DQ Challenge Cup. It was their first away tournament of the year and the boys were excited and nervous but above all ready to play. Their […]

Millbrook Stars Peewee Team was up for the DQ Challenge

Life is full of surprises. And a surprise for me recently was that my last column (Giants among Us, January 2017) elicited the most comments from readers yet. But why was I surprised?  Trees are all around us and are both necessary and beautiful. And so let me build on […]

O Canada! Where Pines and Maples Grow

Last week Millbrook & District Lions Club members Linda Hughes, Bette and Paul Holder, Vicky Baley, Linda Lawrence, Ray Porteous and David Goode spent two days at North Cavan School providing complementary vision and hearing tests to all kindergarten students.   The vision part of this annual program aims to identify […]

Local Lions Deliver Vision and Hearing Tests to Local Schoolchildren

In the winter months, my parents flee the country for warmer climes. They leave in early January and return to Canada with the birds when the snow has melted. One of the challenges they face when traveling is keeping up their health and fitness regimen. I asked them what tips […]

Keeping Fit While On the Go

Winter weather, especially a wet winter with ice, rain and snow, can take its toll on your chimney. Under mild, damp weather conditions, fireplaces do not burn not as hot and clean as they do in cold dry weather, resulting in faster creosote build-up inside a chimney which creates a […]

A Fire Safety Concern – Effects of Winter On Your ...