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Our NEW Publication Dates for 2016!

Firehall best view (800x292)
At the July 4th Council meeting, Fire Chief Bill Balfour introduced Frank Alaimo, principal of Alaimo Architecture Inc. to introduce the design and costing of a plan for a replacement facility for the aging and inadequate building located on King Street East currently serving the Fire Department. The design was […]

Fire Hall #1 Replacement Facility: Draft Plan Comes with $5 ...

Waste Water Treatment #2 (640x424)
The Township of Cavan Monaghan hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday June 30, at their newly renovated Wastewater Treatment Plant at 25 Centennial Lane. Federal, provincial and municipal representatives, project engineers, contractors and staff joined in a celebration to mark the successful conclusion of four projects related to the upgrade […]

Wastewater Treatment Plant Official Opening

Where have all the flowers gone? Last July (2015) when I drove by a field of wild flowers located to the west on Hutchison Drive between Syer and Larmer line, I stopped to admire a field of black-eyed susans, daisies and many others flowers. This July when I went to […]

Where have all the flowers gone?

Oak Ridges Moraine One of the most important points that usually gets forgotten about wind plants being allowed on the Oak Ridges moraine, is the fact that the moraine is exactly that, a moraine. The entire length of 160 kilometres and one million acres is full of Ontario’s largest fresh […]

Letter to the Editor – August

Water quality and quantity has been on the minds of Council members and residents for many years. As new development comes on stream, there is growing concern about the sustainability of our water supply. In February 2015, staff was directed to explore the need for a watershed plan for the […]

Council Proceeds with Watershed Monitoring Initiative

Water levels along Baxter Creek
Rainfall continues to be in short supply across the Otonabee Region watershed, even after the slight downpours last weekend. As a result, the Otonabee Region Water Response Team has confirmed that Level 2 Low Water Conditions are being experienced throughout the watershed region. Analysis of the data, including air temperature, […]

ORCA Advises Level 2 Low Water

pokemon editorial photo (405x640)
The creators of the surprising phenomenal success of video game Pokemon Go must be onto something. The game claims to bridge a virtual world with the real world through a type of scavenger hunt where players “capture” imaginary species in what is being termed an “augmented” reality game using a […]

Comment: What is real these days?

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) began mailing Property Assessment Notices last week across the township, reflecting an average increase in local property values of 3.9 per cent per year since the last assessment conducted in 2012. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation, responsible for […]

MPAC Notices are in the Mail

Did you know your home can be stolen while you’re still living in it?   It’s called “title fraud” and it’s a potential outcome of being a victim of identity theft. Protecting yourself against identity theft is a precaution more and more people are taking these days.   I know many families […]

Protect Your Name: Identity Theft

It’s been a hot and dry summer without any indication of it letting up. Ditches are bone dry and water levels are very low in the swamp. ORCA has placed a 20% Water Conservation low-water warning to the public. Thanks to our deputy-mayor, John Fallis, for encouraging council to investigate […]

The Council Column

Possibly the most prevalent “addiction” of all, one that starts early in life and is linked to excessive weight gain, dental decay, chronic diseases like diabetes and even some cancers, is the addiction to sugar. About 15% of our total caloric intake in Canada comes from sugar, despite World Health […]

What a Soda Tax Could Mean for Public Health

newspaper club 3 pitch 2
Wow a grand slam! On Tuesday June 21st the Millbrook South Cavan intermediate girl’s 3-pitch team showed excellent sportsmanship and skills throughout the day. Some grade eights from the team thought it was a great way to end the year before they graduate. Our team did an amazing job by […]

Millbrook South Cavan 3-pitch Team Comes to Play

WOOSH! Did you know that the water in the Niagara Falls reaches up to 48km per hour? Here at Millbrook South Cavan public school the grade eight grads just returned from Niagara Falls! It is a continuing ritual at our school for more than 10 years. The grade sevens here […]

Grad Trip (to Niagara Falls)

Emily Staples greets visitors at the Staples Sugar Shack during the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers' summer tour
This year the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMSPA) celebrated 50 years in business at their Annual General Meeting held at Trent University on the weekend of July 15th.   During the three-day event, producers took time to visit some local “sugar shacks” to see how it’s done around here. After […]

Local Maple Syrup Producers Host Summer Tour

Artistic administrator Kelsey Powell
What you see on stage is just the tip of the iceberg, and two young men are flexing their creative and administrative muscle behind the scenes to help make magic in the barnyard. Artistic Administrative Kelsey Powell counts his lucky stars. He and wife Lindy (General Manager) could be referred […]

Behind the Stage at the 4th Line Theatre

Principal Martin Twiss prepares for the new school year
Don’t let the suit fool you – Martin Twiss is not making a power statement with his wardrobe. In fact, he intends to use his position of authority with great care as he embraces an attitude of collaboration in his new position. This was apparent in one of his first […]

New Principal Prepares for North Cavan Debut this Fall

Photo: Celia Hunter - The cabinet originally displayed men's haberdashery at Fowler's Men's Wear in downtown Millbrook.  In the 1960s (presumably when the shop closed), Clare Williams, wife of Harry, mother of Jill, bought it to display her collection of rocks and minerals.  It was later used at the Heritage Centre when it was active on King Street in the 1990s.  It has recently been completely restored by Historical Society Board member Peter Ramsay and has now been installed at the Millbrook branch of the Cavan Monaghan Library.   The first exhibit of artifacts features a collection of rare tools donated to the Historical Society in the mid 1980s.
Photo: Celia Hunter – The cabinet originally displayed men’s haberdashery at Fowler’s Men’s Wear in downtown Millbrook. In the 1960s (presumably when the shop closed), Clare Williams, wife of Harry, mother of Jill, bought it to display her collection of rocks and minerals. It was later used at the Heritage […]

Historical Society Member Peter Ramsay Restored Cabinet

The fun drought is over! No more bored children withering at the end of the parental vine! The annual Millbrook Zucchini Festival marks the end of a particularly dry Millbrook summer, so mark Sept. 11, 12:30 to 4 p.m. on your calendars in green ink. As always the festival will […]

Zucchini Festival Marks End of Summer Fun Drought

Ontario Soil Specialist Adam Gillespie explains the information revealed by soil samples taken on the Doris farm outside Keene
On July 5th, over 80 people joined Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Jeff Leal, Land Resource Specialists, 20 young 4H club members from Norwood and Peterborough, local farmers and other dignitaries to meet at Dorisdale Farms, home of Carolyn and Peter Doris to discuss a new soil […]

Provincial Soil Mapping Initiative Begins In Peterborough Cty

As women, we can think of a number of reasons to celebrate our existence. All humbleness aside, quite simply, it is because we are awesome!! We are also practical, analytical, sometimes, a little reluctant to indulge in ourselves and we definitely feel the need to justify our actions. The Millbrook […]

Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate with Ladies’ Night in Millbrook

Cavan FC 1998- – U18 Boys – the inaugural CFC competitive team- is enjoying great success in their final season of youth soccer. The dream began for this team 9 years ago – at the age of 10 and the goal has always been to play “The Cavan Way” – […]

Soccer Dreams

The Curiosity Rover has discovered more evidence that ancient Mars was a watery world. But about 3.5 billion years ago it began to change into the frigid, dry, airless world we know today. Curiosity art and inset photo NASA.
Our adventures on Mars just made another liquid discovery. Yep, the Curiosity rover has uncovered more evidence of ample water on ancient Mars. Given all the data compiled to date, let’s just say water on early Mars is undeniable. Also a given is the fact that water is one of […]

Space stuff I betcha didn’t know

“I know what I can do to help,” said five-year-old Indigo. Her parents had just read her school’s note about her classmate’s mother who was in a Toronto hospital, after being seriously hurt in a car accident. “I’ll ask my church family to help me. They like to help people, […]

Why Bring Your Child to Church?

This column is short and it’s a cheat. What with the weather being so hot and dry I haven’t felt much like traipsing around. And on my usual morning walk I have seen little that would interest most people. Also I’ve been worried that the column lately has focussed too […]

Things to see…

David Hobson (left), one of the volunteer project managers overseeing the Needler's Mill project, with the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority's CAO Dan Marinigh agree on a plan
It is almost a year since an agreement was reached to enable the Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society to purchase Needler’s Mill in Millbrook from the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority, and the end is finally in sight. Last Thursday, July 21, David Hobson, representing the Historical Society, had an opportunity […]

Moving Forward with Needler’s Mill

I can’t believe that there are only three more markets left this season. How can that be? I was only just anticipating the start of another great season of eating local, courtesy of the wonderful makers, bakers and growers who are the Millbrook Farmers’ Market. My anticipation though continues to […]

Harvest Market Celebrations Sunday August 28

K0llene Drummond in her booth at Sunday's market
Kollene Drummond began her urban kitchen garden in suburban Peterborough as a way to extend her access to a variety of organic produce. She is very careful to secure local, sustainably produced ingredients to produce her original vegetarian offerings at local farmers’ markets and through her catering efforts. In her […]

Young Entrepreneur Comes to Millbrook Market

Cavan Monaghan Libraries are pleased to present another summer of free children’s programming, no sign-up required. Kathryn, Megan and the kids have been off to a great start in the first three weeks, with the themes such as Wild, Wild Me, Plants, and Creepy Crawlies as the first themes. Programming […]

Summer Events at your Local Library

Volunteer painters Jeanne Moran and Maya de Maria with the first 4'x4' barn quilt block nearing completion, to be mounted on Steve and Wendy Gerolamy's property on the Tapley 1/4 Line.
Quilt block designers involved with the local Barn Quilt Trail project are hard at work with a number of homeowners, businesses and landowners, creating unique images that reflect the story each host wants to tell. Several of the quilt blocks are at the painting stage, and volunteer painters are transferring […]

Host a Quilt Block That Tells Your Story

The Millbrook Legion presents a $2000 donation to Wounded Warriors raised through their Motorcycle event last month. Pictured from left to right:  Diann Corfe, Rob McKend, Roger Saunders, David Macdonald of Wounded Warriors, and Gord Orr.
What a difference the main street is from my last report. It is beautiful in downtown Millbrook. Our Legion is keeping very active this summer. We still have the odd Saturday open for rentals. If anyone is thinking about a party or wedding please call the office for availability. Our […]

Millbrook Legion News

Copyright Deborah Carew
Despite all of the current pro-mental wellness and anti-bullying campaigns, some people still don’t get it. My husband told me of an incident in our local Canadian Tire store on Landsdowne that happened on Tuesday night this past week. He was in a line-up with a checkout person who was […]

More Awareness is Still Needed

Car Show #1 (640x480)
  Local Lions produce another great event The Annual Car Show did not disappoint this year, as shiny and not so shiny specimens of antique vehicles lined the streets of Millbrook on July 2nd. For many participants, the cars on display represent the culmination of many years of sleuthing, tinkering […]

Millbrook Classic Car Show in the New Downtown

Zion resident Shirley Challice with daughter Katie and grandson Rocky sit amidst a mountain of handmade quilts for Fort McMurray for evacuees like Katie and her family
The devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray have touched many, moving people to find ways to demonstrate support to the victims of the tragedy in a tangible way. For Zion Line resident Shirley Challice, the need was more keenly felt, as her daughter Katie Bedford had been living in that town […]

Quilts for Fort McMurray