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Our NEW Publication Dates for 2016!

  On Monday, August 22nd, the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) met at the Pontypool Community centre to hear final submissions from Capstone Infrastructure outlining their proposed changes to address concerns expressed by the tribunal over the possible creation of “serious and irreversible harm” to the surrounding woodland. After the10 megawatt […]

Remedy to Challenge of Settlers’ Landing Wind Project Presented

Nexicom offices are staying put after the business is sold to a new owner 1
Monday afternoon Nexicom staff learned that owners Paul and John Downs had entered into a share purchase agreement to sell their business to Clayton Zekelman of Windsor.   Zekelman is the founder and President of a similar high-speed internet and telephone business in Windsor called MNSi Telecom operating in southwestern Ontario, […]

Despite New Ownership, it’s Business as Usual at Nexicom

  During a series of meetings with Provincial Cabinet ministers as part of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) annual conference held last week in Windsor, Ontario, members of the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC) raised a number of significant issues facing the region, including: Extending natural gas into […]

Key Rural Issues at Association of Municipalities of Ontario Conference

  The Old Millbrook School is a municipally owned building dating from 1889o and is home to several community organizations including the Millbrook Library, Community Policing, Food Share, the Family Centre, and the seasonal Farmers’ Market. Given the age and state of repair of the building, the township is regularly […]

Capital Upgrades Moving Forward at the Old Millbrook School

New store owner Shirley Saunders was impressed with the revitalized appearance of King St
Things are moving fast for Cozy Mattress and Bed store President Shirley Saunders. After spending over 30 years in the retail business selling furniture and mattress, last April she took a big step forward and purchased the store where she worked in Newcastle. On September 6th she will open a […]

Mattress Retailer Comes to Town

City of Kawartha Lakes Seeks Input on Maintenance Standards on Unassumed and Private Roadways   The City of Kawartha Lakes is currently undergoing a comprehensive review of maintenance standards for unassumed and private roadways. As part of the review, a second Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held on Saturday, […]

City of Kawartha Lakes Seeks Input on Maintenance Standards on ...

  The County has secured a Lease Agreement for the premises located at 1003 Clonsilla Avenue to establish the Peterborough County-City Paramedics – West End Base effective September 1st. During their recent 10 Year Resources and Facilities Master Plan, Peterborough County-City Paramedics identified the west end of the city of […]

Ptbo County-City Paramedics Establish West End Base

Store owners Phillippa and Kate believe that together they will draw customers for both businesses
Kate Deklerck is tired of answering questions about how she feels about the opening of Kawartha Quilting Systems (KQS) just down the street from her store, The Quilter’s Bolt. For the record, she is thrilled! The fact is, these stores are complementary, not competitive. Quilters need fabric from Deklerck’s shop […]

King St. Merchants Find Cooperation and Collaboration is Key to ...

See http://themillbrooktimes.ca/letter-to-the-editor-re-more-awareness-is-still-needed/ I hope Deborah Carew sent her letter to Trent University to be published in their newsletter. Chances are this student doesn’t read newspapers, but may read the University’s newspaper in case his own self-importance is noted somewhere. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t realize these diseases can strike any […]

Letter to the Editor re “More Awareness is Still Needed”

The proposal for the new fire hall at $5 million to me as a lifelong resident and 34-year veteran (retired) of the Fire Department seems to me a little excessive. (Considering the proposed location, free land). Demolition of the existing gym would also eliminate the accommodation of large crowds at council […]

Letter to the Editor – New Fire Hall

  On behalf of the Peterborough Branch of the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario (RWTO/OERO), I would like to thank Bonnie at ‘Bear Essentials’, the BIA and all of Millbrook for the incredible opportunity to have a booth at your annual Ladies’ Night. We were pleased to introduce the milk […]

Letter to the Editor – Retired Women Teachers of Ont

  I have to say if you missed Millbrook BIA Ladies’ Night August 4, 2016 in beautiful downtown Millbrook, you missed the best Ladies’ Night ever. Bonnie McQuarrie, of Bethany Hills Interiors and Bear Essentials, as part of the Ladies Night Committee, most years chairing this committee, has proven to […]

Letter to the Editor – Millbrook BIA Ladies’ Night

Ontario officially has the highest residential electricity prices in North America, thanks to the Wynne government’s choices. The impact of these skyrocketing rates has been disastrous to Ontarians. We’ve all heard stories of families being forced to choose between eating and heating. We all know someone who lives paycheque-to-paycheque, where […]

Letter to the Editor from Laurie Scott, MPP

  I take great pleasure in receiving letters- it means the paper is being useful by providing a forum for the community to talk about their. Besides, it leaves less room for the editorial, which is always the most difficult piece to write. You may recall I didn’t ask for […]

Editorial – September – Keep those letters coming!

Local MP Jamie Schmale is seeking input and feedback from all constituents on Electoral Reform.   “In 2015, the liberal government declared its intention to ensure that, ‘2015 will be the last election under first past the post’ (ie. the present electoral system). However, the government has not stated what […]

Schmale Seeking Constituency Feedback on Electoral Reform

  For a number of years, the Township has recognized that Firehall 1 in Millbrook has outgrown its physical space. Kudos are due to the Fire Chief and the firefighters for working in such confined quarters and for utilizing every inch of space. The extension of water and wastewater pipes […]

Council Column – September

the trouble with turbines (800x590) 1
The Turbines are Coming Pictured is a tranquil agricultural scene traumatized by the erection of an industrial turbine complex. The picture was taken from the dining room table through a home owner’s picture window just west of Bethany on Beer Road. This home was originally part of long term farm […]

Trouble with Turbines

The local agricultural community is pleased to have Squirrel Creek's Steve Brackenridge represent their interests on the 14-member Ontario Federation of Agriculture board. His broad background, level head and integrity will give a strong voice presenting agricultural issues 1
His responsibilities do not officially begin until the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s Annual General Meeting in November, but Brackenridge is already unofficially on the job as the OFA Director for Durham, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton region. With his trademark humility, he explains that his term will begin with “a […]

Steve Brackenridge Signs On as Local OFA Director

  There are several workshops scheduled over the next few weeks by Farms at Work in our area aimed at helping local food businesses sharpen their skills and target their audiences. First is a free, day-long workshop called “Selling Food to Ontario”, and is aimed at food producers looking to […]

Local Farms At Work Events

  Each year in Ontario, about 250 people die of HPV-related cancers, and another 1000 will be diagnosed. HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus, and most of us know it as the cause of warts. There are more than a hundred versions, or strains, of the virus and some are […]

Spreading the Love – Now Boys and Girls Can Both ...

  It’s been a hot summer. And that may be the understatement of the year. When the temperature consistently hits these highs, it becomes difficult to stick to workout routines or even get outside for a walk. But, could there be benefits to getting outside and embracing the heat? Getting […]

The heat isn’t so bad, is it?

Cu Be on the lookout for a Zukemon invasion, but don't panic, they may actually be good for you!
Gordon Nomekuz has been farming in this area for over 40 years but this season has presented him with a unique challenge. And it isn’t the drought. “Darnedest thing I ever saw,” Gord says, as we walk through 67 acres of beans, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables. “I planted them […]

Strange Outbreak Hits Local Zucchini Patch

Cycle Salvage has seen many positive changes since Ryan Matthews came on as partner and now offers a full line of Arctic Cat vehicles 1
When one of the partners at the Cycle Salvage business was looking to retire two years ago, Ryan Matthews was ready. Having working as a mechanic in the business for 20 years, he knew the business and had a few ideas of his own about how to grow it. Apparently […]

New Partnership Driving Growth at Cycle Salvage

  Beginning this September story time is moving away from the typical “story time model”. We are venturing into new territories using the play-based learning model for young children. We will still read a story or two, rhyme along, or sing-a-song, BUT will replace the craft time with play time! […]

Story Time 2.0 —Books and Reading and Play and Learn!

Valerie Kent of Cavan Art Academy and Gallery is launching the first “Plein Air” (outdoor) painting festival in the Township of Cavan Monaghan to coincide with Canada Culture Days on the weekend of October 1st. It is a painting competition of sorts, with $3,000 of prize money donated by Galerie […]

Calling all Artists: Outdoor Painting Festival Coming October 1st

Auctioneers set the stage for competitive bids at last Saturday's sale east of Bailieboro
Last Saturday, Keith Monk was demonstrating his skills in a major farm and household auction east of Bailieboro, and it was clear he was in his element. With a microphone in one hand and a cane in the other, more for emphasis than for health reasons, Monk skillfully walked the […]

Keith Monk Continues the Long Tradition of Auctioneering

On Sunday August 14th, more than 40 visitors from Toronto and beyond came to Pontypool for a tour of the town and to witness the dedication of the new commemorative garden established in honour of the Jewish community members who made Pontypool their summer destination in years past. The commemorative […]

Memories of Pontypool Event

Founder and Curator, Fran Fearnley, stands beside a statue called, "The Heart of Caring" by Artist Walter Mariga
In its 17th year of operation, the Rice Lake Gallery continues to showcase the work of traditional stone carvers from Zimbabwe on its beautiful rural property east of Bailieboro. The gallery features pieces following traditional Shona stone carving techniques using only hand tools. Gallery owner Fran Fearnley hand picks the […]

Celebrate Culture at Rice Lake Gallery

POntypool #1 (800x600)
Visitors to Pontypool Touched by Local Connection to Dutch Rescuers during WWII   There was scarcely a dry eye in Pontypool’s Community Centre on Sunday August 14th as Sylvia Amesbury described the brave actions of her parents in Holland during the Second World War. Sylvia and her husband John spent […]

Visitors to Pontypool Touched by Local Connection

©DeborahCarew Butterfly
It seems to me that often it’s the small things in life that really give our life meaning and stability: a beloved pet, a kind word from a friend, a pair of old, but comfortably broken-in shoes. Many people like to pride themselves on seeing the “big picture,” but I […]

The Small Things

Vendors Lou and Tamara Sorichetti offer goat's milk products and seasonal items
Market vendors Lou and Tamara Sorichetti are brave souls. A week after moving into their farm on Solanum Way outside Pontypool from Ajax last summer, they purchased 14 goats. Theirs is a mixed herd of dairy goats they somehow find the time to milk each day, between Lou’s day job, […]

Market Vendors: The Sorichetti Homestead

  Memorial Group Celebrates 150th Anniversary of Barnardo’s Work Barnardo – Hazelbrae Memorial Group are planning a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Barnardo organization in England, whose efforts to house and care for destitute children in London began when he opened up a home in […]

150th Anniversary of Barnardo’s Work

Sun Tower
All the astronomy doesn’t happen at night. This Sun Tower shot was captured just before sunset with my cell phone camera.
Bizarre facts capture my imagination faster than hockey scores or baseball stats. Could it be that I’m a closet geek? You tell me while I tell you a few arcane tidbits that’ll get you ignored faster than telling someone you’re an undertaker at a normal cocktail party. But this is […]

How to Score at a Geek Cocktail Party