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Lost and Found

It seems the Community Centre Project is no longer an “if” but a “when”, and if Mayor McFadden has his way, the “when” will be sooner than later. Four of five Council members voted in favour of proceeding with a new facility with a budgeted ceiling of $15 million, so […]

Council Considers Jumpstarting Community Centre Project

Small businesses are the key to the Canadian economy.   At the end of 2015, they employed over 8.2 million Canadians, representing more than 70 percent of the total private labour force and contributed roughly 30% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. They also account for 27 % of all research […]

Programs to Build the Local Economy One Entrepreneur at a ...

At the December 5th Council meeting, George Stanois of the Goldie Company, who was hired to conduct a fundraising feasibility study presented the study’s findings. The firm conducted personal interviews with the 40 respondents to the 65 requests for interviews, allowing participants to discuss their perceptions of the project, the […]

Consultants Confirm Fundraising Feasibility for Community Centre

  December was an interesting month for Council. Progress has been made on ongoing projects and new information has come forward for the budgeting process. At the December 5th 2016 meeting, Council approved acquisition of land and committed to moving forward with a new Community Centre for the Township. The […]

Council Column – January Thoughts

The January Budget Blues It’s January which is usually a month paying off Christmas bills, cutting back on consumption – both dietary and commercial – as we knuckle down and try to get real as we set our goals or “resolutions”. For governments at all levels, one of the key […]


December 5th saw the Millbrook Lions, friends and spouses gather at the Lions’ Den for a traditional Christmas dinner catered by Lisa’s Catering of Bewdley. A great meal was enjoyed. President Lynda Allair gave a warm welcome to our special guests, who included David Brackenridge of the Millbrook Food Share,Karen […]

At the Lions’ Den

2016 – Oh what a year!!! As Chair of the Millbrook BIA, I have come to appreciate the many people, committees and organizations that function within our village and township. At the BIA & Community Dinner and Dance held in November, I came realize that besides having a diverse number […]

Letter to the Editor

Deputy Mayor John Fallis was right in not supporting the motion to proceed with the Community Center at this time. My personal preference for future public infrastructure spending is to complete the new fire hall first. The fire hall will help to maintain lower residential insurance rates. In addition, a […]

Letter to the Editor

The Canadian government is deliberating the implementation of a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB tax). In deciding whether this tax should be implemented, a series of questions can be considered. 1) Are SSBs healthy for the general population? No. A 16-ounce serving of pop contains ~52g of sugar constituting 190 […]

Should Canada Implement a Soda Tax?

Last month, the Board of Health wrote to every municipal councillor in the Peterborough area, warning that the tobacco industry may approach them to lobby for support to keep tobacco taxes low. Local councils in Peterborough County and City have supported various tobacco control measures in the past, including smoke […]

Big Tobacco and Taxes: Tricks of the Trade

On December 16th, the North Cavan Parent Council hosted their annual Turkey Lunch in the gym. Over 170 diners enjoyed hot turkey, stuffing, vegetables, gravy and cookies in long tables occupied by students, staff, bus drivers, volunteers and invited guests in a communal meal prepared by the women of St. […]

Parent Council Treats North Cavan Students to Turkey Lunch

  “We’re black, we’re white, and we’re dynamite.” The Millbrook Stars had their annual minor ice hockey tournament the weekend of December 10th. The Stars fought hard, winning a spot in the B finals. The Novice Reps were facing the Ennismore Eagles. The Eagles had a breakaway, but Jacob Elson […]

Millbrook Stars Minor Hockey Tournament December 10 – 11th

Our school has provided the students, parents and teacher volunteers an opportunity to go and ski/snowboard at Brimacombe Ski Lodge in the New Year. The kids will have a blast going down the hills and up the chair-lifts. It isn’t a problem if students don’t have skis, Brimacombe provides a […]

Skiing and Snowboarding Club

The Me to We members at MSC are spreading holiday cheer! Starting on Monday December 19th through to Thursday December 22nd the Me to We members played Christmas carols for 3 to 5 seconds during morning announcements. Each class had chance to guess the tune. Then the Me to We […]

Me to We Christmas Carols

“Let’s go blue! Let’s go white! Come on Millbrook fight, fight, fight!” Our Jr mixed volleyball recreational team went 1 and 3 at Kenner. They did really well but the other teams were very good to beat our mighty Hawks. But in the last game our team played extremely hard […]

We lose some, we win some

February will be a momentous month for two young ladies of the Ret family. Sierra and Michaela Ret have been accepted to a week-long political education program known as the Forum for Young Canadians. Next month, they will join 118 other teenage Canadians as they take a behind-the-scenes peek at […]

Two Cavan Teens go to Ottawa to see Government in ...

As a youngster, Cavan resident Karel Baayen took piano lessons for a few years, but was not particularly inspired. At the age of 50, he felt he had missed an opportunity and decided to pursue a dream of learning to play the guitar. He was not looking to just strum […]

Cavan Resident Wins Gold Medal from RCM

Wood products are all around us – in our homes, in our furniture, and if you are reading a hard copy of this paper, you are holding a wood product in your hands. Our society is becoming more aware of the source of our food, and making choices to encourage […]

Where does Wood Come From?

After years of learning about sustainable forestry with the help of the Kawartha Chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association, I decided to have trees marked for selective cutting on my property. It was a huge decision for me to make since no significant cutting had been done here since the […]

Sustainable Forestry in My Woodlot

I was having lunch with a client shortly after moving to the village when Millbrook sprung up unexpectedly in our conversation. My client is one of the brightest minds in Canadian advertising, a master at marketing businesses, and had just created a new brand, “Millbrook” for a tactical defense company […]

The Strongest Word I Know

Baby New Year Within the winter woods, in the bed of the crackling creek, She awoke for the very first time. Crying, as babies do. For she was all alone, and hungry. Above the trees, the last year flew by. As they always do. He heard her crying, but he […]

Corner Office

Happy holidays! From the 19th of December to the 23rd, we had a Christmas Spirit Week at Millbrook South Cavan. This spirit week was all about the Christmas spirit. We had variety of different activities right here at our school. We have five different spirit days full of fun and […]

Millbrook South Cavan School Celebrates Spirit Week

  After commuting to a job at CAT in Toronto for 10 years, Iron Equipment owner Jamie Molloy decided to find something local. For a few years he worked for Wajax Industries in field service, where he became accustomed to working on his own, and then decided he was ready […]

Chamber Corner- Iron Equipment Keeps That Heavy Equipment Moving

DANGER: These space oddities may fry your loaf Here’s some Martian big talk that’ll amaze you. The red planet may be only half the size of Earth, but its now-dormant volcano, Olympus Mons has no short comings. The humongous mountain is 1.5 times as high as Mt. Everest. That makes […]


Christmas Comes Whether or Not We Want It. Thank you, God. A few years ago I read a book called “Skipping Christmas” by John Grisham. The story gave me lots of laughter as I sat comfortable in my warm home feeling as if my world was all in order. This […]

Today’s Faith

The spring comes slowly up this way,        Slowly, slowly! A little nearer every day. – Katherine Tynan Hinkson –   Maybe a poem referring to spring is a bit optimistic considering that all outside is a blanket of ice and snow. A friend said to me recently that winter […]

Common Ground

While we all know that death and taxes are inevitable, the business surrounding this final life event is changing. In small towns, funeral homes are still mostly small, family-owned businesses, but the industry has undergone considerable consolidation with large corporations dominating urban markets. Succession planning for this type of family […]

The Death of the Traditional Funeral Business?

The first rays of sunlight were lighting up the branches of the trees behind my house, and the half-moon was still visible in the sky, when it struck me that trees would be a worthwhile subject for this column. In the “dead” of winter trees reveal one of their many […]

Giants Among Us

Goal planning is one of my favourite activities. I would like nothing more than to sit down with pen in hand and a desk-size calendar to map out my goals. This is one of the reasons I loved working as a personal trainer. It was fun for me to creatively […]

Goals & Rewards

We are pleased to announce that Peterborough County has elected a new Warden for a two year term. Council has elected Mr. Joe Taylor, present Deputy Warden and Deputy Reeve of the Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan. The election was the first to occur at the County for ten years, with […]

New Warden for Peterborough County as J. Murray Jones Steps ...

If you are considering a new year’s resolution to quit smoking, Peterborough Public Health is pleased to offer free support to help you get there with the Choose to be…Smoke Free program. “The Choose to be…Smoke Free program has a great track record and provides one-on-one support to help you […]

Thinking of Quitting Smoking? Let Peterborough Public Health Help

    With Needler’s Mill now on its new foundation, the work to fulfill all the requirements by both the Conservation Authority (ORCA) and the municipality to make the structure safe is nearing completion. Oak Springs Construction, headed up by Bill Durant, has been on site for the past several […]

Needler’s Mill Status

Recognizing that many calls for service to the Police Service are very complex and have the potential to involve many local agencies, Peterborough has joined the over 30 communities in Canada with a proactive approach to calls for service known as Situation Tables. Each week, members of local service providers […]

Proactive, Collaborative Approach to Crime Prevention in Peterborough

There was something for everyone, young and old, at this year’s Christmas in the Village weekend. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this happen, and here’s to the beginning of another exciting year. Over 200 visitors cast their ballots on Thursday evening during the Christmas in […]

Christmas in the Village Wrapped Up