Which wheat? Winter, Spring, Red or White, Hard or Soft?

While many farmers are hoping this recently arrived fine weather continues to dry out and warm up the soil so they can start planting, some crops have been in the ground since September.   Winter wheat is planted from September to December in the Northern Hemisphere while spring wheat goes into… Continue reading

Mr. October: Norm Lamothe of Woodleigh Farms

Karen Graham It’s not a position Norm ever expected to be in- the face of October on a glossy calendar. But there he is, selected to represent Ontario Grain farm operators who are finding ways to incorporate traditional farming approaches with modern sensitivities and techniques. Published by Farm & Food… Continue reading

Apple-Fever is Setting In

Sarah Sobanski Chances are that as October gets underway, you’ve been apple picking, or like many drooling Canadians, you’ve been patient for fresh locally grown apples to appear in bushels at grocery stores across the province. Apples are a long standing favourite dating back to prehistoric times, originally cultivated as… Continue reading

Local Action Taken to Protect Our Roots

Melodie Seto The Canadian landscape has undergone many transformations over the past centuries, but how many people can still remember what our land ofheritage used to look like? Tallgrass prairies in particular may be one of the less distinguished types of grasslands that made up the eastern part of our… Continue reading

Ahead of the Curve: Local Farmers Produce Premium Beans for Export Markets

Karen Graham There are hundreds of acres around the township planted with Adzuki beans destined for Japan. One of these farmers, Paul Shaughnessy of Bailiboro, began producing the popular Asian bean five years ago under contract with the Hensall and District Co-op located in southwestern Ontario which has managed bean… Continue reading