Revised Discharge of Firearms By-Law Approved

After much deliberation, Council passed a revised version of the draft Firearms Discharge By-Law at the June 20th Regular Council Meeting. In the end, the revisions recommended by Kyle Phillips who had led the investigation into the numerous complaints the township had received in 2015 regarding obnoxious use of firearms… Continue reading

Concerned Residents Meet to Discuss Wind Turbine Solicitation

Over 80 residents and landowners including a representative from Brookfield Properties met at Galerie Q on June 16th to discuss the arrival of companies seeking to lease land on behalf of industrial wind turbine operators for new turbine development. The meeting was very informal and was designed to gage interest… Continue reading

Comment – It’s Complicated

There are some troubling signs in the world these days. People are turning inward, focussed on their own well-being, shrugging off perceived burdens that are holding them back. Brexit is threatening to unravel the entire European Union, Trump is proposing walls, and closer to home there is evidence that political… Continue reading

10% Water Conservation Urged throughout Otonabee Region Watershed

Despite a brief rainfall on Sunday evening, water users throughout the Otonabee Region watershed continue to be urged to reduce their consumption by 10 per cent because of the unusually dry conditions experienced this year. Analysis of the data, including temperature, precipitation, and stream flow for the first 5 months… Continue reading

Peterborough Humane Society Presents Ambitious New Animal Welfare Project

A delegation from the Peterborough Humane Society and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) presented their ambitious plans for the development of a joint, state-of-the-art facility to Council at the June 20th meeting. Geoff McPhee of the Peterborough Humane Society’s Board of Directors led the… Continue reading

Progress on the Millbrook Dam Project

At their meeting last week, ORCA’s Board of Directors approved a recommendation to award Hatch engineering firm a contract for the design and the procurement of construction services for the reconstruction of the Millbrook dam. Hatch has been involved with the project since last fall when the firm was retained… Continue reading