Another Record Year for Cavan Soccer Club

  The players just keep coming! This year, Maple Leaf Cavan Football Club had a record registration, with over 1600 players from age four to adult playing soccer on fields in and around the township including those at Maple Leaf Park, Crestwood Secondary School and Fleming College. The bulk of… Continue reading

Youth Find Their Voices Working with Horses

Interacting with animals is known to provide therapeutic results, but most animal therapy involves dogs. At Horses Help Canada, founder Jane Saundercook has designed programs to help youth deal with social and emotional difficulties through direct interaction with horses. She notes that horses also provide unconditional love and have a… Continue reading

The Key to 4th Line Theatre’s Continued Success? Stick with the Plan!

Karen Graham For the past 24 years, Robert Winslow has had a plan, and boy, is it working!  Never interested in performing off-the shelf summer theatre productions, since the 4th Line Theatre`s inception its creator has used it as a vehicle to educate and entertain, by developing and presenting original… Continue reading