Comment – August 2018

The joy and relaxation of summer months has been jarred this month by two tragic local fires.  The silver lining in tragedies like these is often found in the response of friends, neighbours, and even strangers who rally to support the victims of these events, as evidenced by the benefit… Continue reading

Comment – Canada: A Country of Collaborators

Justin Trudeau’s Canada is a more popular destination for those wanting a quick exit from the US than it was under his father Pierre when our country took in 40,000 draft dodgers eager to avoid another unpopular political position.  Communities including Toronto are beginning to push for more help to… Continue reading

Comment – April

Smiling faces were on three bike winners at last Sunday’s Easter Egg Hunt held by Centennial Place.  Three bikes, one for each age group, were purchased by the home’s resident council.  Among the plastic eggs scattered around the grounds were one for each age group enclosing a gold ticket identifying… Continue reading

Comment – A Fine Balance

Once it’s out, there is no way to put the toothpaste back in the tube.  The power of rumours and accusations, even from anonymous sources, seems to have reached new heights over the last few months, as legitimate, appalling stories of sexual harassment mix with stories of poor judgement and… Continue reading

Comment – January 2018

Over the holidays, I received an unexpected present – a copy of the Millbrook Reporter from March 18, 1897 from retired Millbrook teacher Lily Robinson.  It provides some fascinating reading, encapsulating not only the local and international issues of the day, but also the culture, reflected in the content that… Continue reading

Comment – Five Years and Counting!

Five years ago, my husband purchased the Millbrook Times and gave it to me for Christmas – I like to say it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  After many experiments, it feels like the paper is now on track, which these days is saying something.  Monday’s news of consolidation… Continue reading

Comment – It’s All About Attitude

Retired Millbrook South Cavan Grade 8 teacher Rhonda Fallis had it right; it’s all about attitude.  As she was prepared her grade eight students for high school life, she made the point that the attitude students bring to the table is the most important factor in determining their success.   She… Continue reading