Comment – It’s All About Attitude

Retired Millbrook South Cavan Grade 8 teacher Rhonda Fallis had it right; it’s all about attitude.  As she was prepared her grade eight students for high school life, she made the point that the attitude students bring to the table is the most important factor in determining their success.   She… Continue reading

Comment: O’ Canada!

The last two books I’ve read have focused on political regimes that on the surface had noble objectives or their countries, but were implemented at great expense to their citizens’ personal rights. Both resulted in patriarchal governments making decisions about almost every aspect of their citizens’ lives: their occupations, their… Continue reading

Comment – It’s Budget Time

The people are speaking.  Are our political leaders listening?  At every level of government, it’s budget time, and that’s when we really see the priorities come to the fore.  It’s a tough balancing act between being fiscally responsible and citizen expectations.  We should soon see, as the Federal budget will… Continue reading

Comment – It’s Complicated

There are some troubling signs in the world these days. People are turning inward, focussed on their own well-being, shrugging off perceived burdens that are holding them back. Brexit is threatening to unravel the entire European Union, Trump is proposing walls, and closer to home there is evidence that political… Continue reading