A New Generation of Farmers Investing in the Future at Alona Farms

  A few years ago, Cathy and Rick Carl moved from Cathy’s parents’ home farm on Zion Line to allow their daughter Melissa, her husband Mike Harrigan and their growing family to take their turn in the home that has been in Cathy’s family for generations.  Originally owned by her… Continue reading

Community Centre Fundraising Committee Launched

They’re off!  After several meetings, the Cavan Monaghan Community Centre Fundraising Committee is getting ready to kick off their fundraising efforts for the new community centre.   This committee is a collection of volunteers from parts of the community who have taken on the responsibility for raising the $1 million dollars… Continue reading

Lots at Stake at Kawartha Downs

Behind last week’s theatrics at Queen’s Park between MPPs Jeff Leal and Laurie Scott over the number of races permitted for Kawartha Downs in 2018 lie serious questions about the future of this location.  Last May, Skip Ambrose, who owns the corporation that controls the property, watched his firm be… Continue reading

Peterborough Regional Health Centre charts its course for the future

  In early October, Peterborough Regional Health Centre President (PRHC) and Chief Executive Officer Peter McLaughlin presented the organization’s strategic plan for the next three years.  Having been awarded Exemplary Standing in the provincial accreditation process in April, the plan represented more of a tweaking than a complete overhaul.  In… Continue reading

This Month at Your Libraries

Storytime continues at 10 am on Thursdays at the Bruce Johnson branch and on Fridays at the Millbrook branch with Margaret Nielson-Roberts filling in for Lindsay Molloy for the next two months.   Whether your child can sit for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, everyone is welcome! On Tuesday, November 7th… Continue reading

New Store to Offer Stylish Home Décor

Keeping up with the Jones’ will become easier later this month when a new store called The Joneses opens its doors on King Street in Millbrook.  The brain child of three partners, it is an extension of a happy working relationship in real estate.  Realtor Shirley Turner, photographer Charlotte Clements… Continue reading

Comment – It’s All About Attitude

Retired Millbrook South Cavan Grade 8 teacher Rhonda Fallis had it right; it’s all about attitude.  As she was prepared her grade eight students for high school life, she made the point that the attitude students bring to the table is the most important factor in determining their success.   She… Continue reading