Comment – October

It’s hot and I’m cranky so I’m going to complain about another sign on our road.  It bugs me for two reasons.

First the message:  This sign suggests that it is possible to become debt-free by taking on a home equity loan.  Last time I checked, a loan was a form of debt.  Sometimes financial terms are confusing, like the term credit card.  In the word’s normal use, as in “to your credit,” it usually means something in your favour.  Using a credit card to purchase something, however, actually creates debt, so perhaps for “transparency” they should be called debt cards instead of credit cards.  This marketer’s not-so-subtle appeal to the desperate is shameful, but if it works, whose fault is it?

Now the second reason:  signs like these are plastering our side roads with litter.  So my question is, if I pull out one of these signs and throw it in the trash, will I be breaking a law or enforcing one? KG

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