Who would want to leave this township?

So far the only ratepayer the decision makers have heard from was a lone North Monaghan resident who spoke out at the City’s March 20th meeting expressing her opposition on the belief that annexation would boost her property taxes significantly. Based on the current Memorandum of Understanding, her suspicions have merit. One of the conditions established by township staff is that property rate hikes be limited to 10% per year for any tax increases that may be experienced under the City tax structure over the next 10 years.

These are exciting times in our community and significant developments are raising the profile of this area. Our elementary school has a spanking new wing, a first-class day centre program starts next week, new businesses are coming to town and developers are creating new residences. On the leisure side of life, our art community is flourishing, a new dam project is underway, the project to develop a community centre offering expanded sports facilities and plenty more is firing up. We are also grateful for the contributions of the many volunteers including Celia Hunter, Carolyn Brackenridge, Valerie Kent, Grace Glass and Leni Rautiainen who are creating interesting and entertaining events for our enjoyment. No wonder real estate prices are skyrocketing in this area- who wouldn’t want to live here? KG

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