Millbrook Dam Reconstruction Moves Ahead, But at a Higher Cost

  Council was dismayed to learn that before shovels were in the ground for the reconstruction of the Millbrook Dam, the project costs have already risen by more than $500K.  At the time the project was approved, the original forecast was for a total project cost of $3.3 million dollars,… Continue reading

This Month at Your Libraries – Congratulations! 25 years!

December 2017 marks a momentous occasion at the Millbrook Branch – Judi Obey celebrates 25 years of service with the Millbrook Library. She started in the fall of 1992 on a project to computerise the library catalogue and has never left.  The Library Board and staff value her impeccable work… Continue reading

Christmas Comes to the Village on December 7th

Get your flashlights ready, because this year you can really make an entrance.  Come to the Millbrook South Cavan School parking lot ready for a 5:45 p.m. departure as you follow a horse-drawn wagon and join Community Choir members as they form a musical procession down Tupper and King streets… Continue reading

Peterborough County Extends Public Consultation Period over Signage Restrictions

County Council has extended the public consultation period for review of the Sign By-Law and seek public input into the new sign by-law for the County. The intent is to address the proliferation of signs along County roadsides, particularly in Bush Country areas in the Municipality of Trent Lakes, Township… Continue reading

Preliminary Budget Proposes a 3.5% Municipal Rate Hike

Budget deliberations began a month earlier this year in part to facilitate early tendering for capital projects including road work which has proven to reduce costs.  Council began their review of the township’s financial in November, where Director of Finance Kimberley Pope presented a preliminary draft of current budget to… Continue reading

Comment – Five Years and Counting!

Five years ago, my husband purchased the Millbrook Times and gave it to me for Christmas – I like to say it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  After many experiments, it feels like the paper is now on track, which these days is saying something.  Monday’s news of consolidation… Continue reading

Peterborough Social Services Opens Outreach Program in Millbrook

Paula Fitzgerald is there to help.  A Case Manager from Peterborough’s Social Services, she can help clients navigate the vast array of programs designed to help people get back on their feet or to help them through a transition.  Since 2016, she has been providing support to clients in the… Continue reading