Comment – Five Years and Counting!

Five years ago, my husband purchased the Millbrook Times and gave it to me for Christmas – I like to say it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

After many experiments, it feels like the paper is now on track, which these days is saying something.  Monday’s news of consolidation and closings in the industry are reminders of the challenges faced by the news industry today.  In order to survive, local news must operate as a business, certainly, but it is also a public good, providing a social service by informing and engaging local citizens, telling the news as we see it, “without fear or favour”.  While we do not conduct investigative journalism here, we ensure what we print is factual and fair.

One of the strengths of this publication is its diversity, which is achieved thanks to a cadre of generous volunteer columnists, without whom this paper would be much less interesting.  Thank you to Glen Spurrell, Janet Stobie, Anita Odessa, Brennan Smith, Jill Williams and the elementary school children in the Newspaper club, and to others who have bravely submitted an occasional article or two for publication.  We welcome these submissions that help make this a paper for the community and by the community.  If you have a story idea, give it a try.  Writing gets easier each time, thank goodness!  Add your voice and let’s make our paper an example of one that is inclusive, respected and useful.

Thank you to our readers for your many kind words of encouragement and support.  You cannot imagine their impact.   Have a safe and happy holiday.  KG

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