Another Page in the History of Needler’s Mill

They did it! Last week, the papers were signed, officially transferring ownership of Needler’s Mill to the hands of the Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society from the Otonabee Regional Conservation Authority which had assumed responsibility for the landmark in 1967. As the building fell further into a state of disrepair… Continue reading

Is No News Good News for Kawartha Downs?

Walking into Kawartha Downs last week for a much anticipated press conference, it was clear the news would not be good.  The crowd eagerly awaiting news from the facility’s General Manager Orazio Valente consisted of horse owners and the press- no smiling politicians ready to bail out the facility with… Continue reading

Millbrook Manor’s Wait List Underlines Local Need for Affordable Housing

Ideally located within walking distance to Foodland and the downtown, Millbrook Manor has been a popular destination for seniors seeking affordable rental housing in town when they are no longer interested in maintaining a home and want to remain in the community.  But geography is not the only or perhaps… Continue reading

Fundraising Efforts for New Community Centre

Members of the Millbrook & District  Chamber of Commerce hosted a drop-in event at the end of January to showcase the goods and services provided by their members and to support the fundraising efforts for the new Community Centre. The crowds came out to learn more, tempted by food and… Continue reading

Comment – The Political Season is Upon Us – Who Deserves Our Support?

These days our politicians belong in the entertainment section of the news.  The continuing saga of Patrick Brown’s leadership resignation/bid/withdrawal will surely make an interesting film someday.  Lie detectors, Facebook and Twitter outbursts, death threats, backstabbing, and anonymous sexual misconduct allegations – it sounds like a terrible script, but who… Continue reading

Daylight Savings Starts March 11th

The Cavan Monaghan Fire Department reminds you to: Test your alarms once a month and replace the batteries every year. Replace alarms that are more than ten years old. A working smoke alarm must be located on every storey of the home and outside all sleeping areas. For added protection,… Continue reading

Life Labs to Move to Municipal Office

In August, 2015, the medical testing and services company LifeLabs established an office and opened their doors to Township residents. They set up shop on the 2nd floor of the Old Millbrook School on Dufferin Street, Millbrook, in a room equipped with a sink and potable water adjacent to washroom… Continue reading