Life Labs to Move to Municipal Office


In August, 2015, the medical testing and services company LifeLabs established an office and opened their doors to Township residents.

They set up shop on the 2nd floor of the Old Millbrook School on Dufferin Street, Millbrook, in a room equipped with a sink and potable water adjacent to washroom facilities.   The building also has lift to transport customers with mobility issues to the second floor, and this feature has been important for many of the lab’s customers.

Last fall, after an inspection of the lift by the Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) Municipality received a notice that the lift should only be operated by trained qualified people, prohibiting its use by the public.  The township brought in staff to operate the lift during the lab’s operating hours as a temporary solution, which increases staffing requirements.

In addition, the inspection resulted in an order to repair horizontal gaps between the entrance access floor and the inner surface of the lift, which seem to have resulted from shifts in the building since the lift was installed in 2000.  After further discussions with the lift service provider and the TSSA to find possible solutions, it was determined that the most cost-effective solution was to relocate the lab.

The lab will be moved to the municipal office.  An office currently used for storage just inside the main entrance will be converted for use by the lab, with a new storage area for records currently housed in that location carved out of the south end of the gym.  User groups have agreed that this new storage area will not obstruct their current activities.

The move will require some modifications to the existing space, as well as the installation of office partitions and a door for the new storage area.  The total cost for these changes is $9,310.02, the bulk of which will be financed through a rollover from the 2017 Capital Budget.   The changes will take several weeks to complete, during which time the lab will continue to operate in its current location.  Residents will be advised of the date of the relocation when the dates are established.  KG

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