Healthy Outdoor Playspaces

“Play is what we do when no adult is telling us what to do.” Play has a critical role in child development.  The benefits are not limited to physical ones such as improved motor skills.  As children navigate the physical and social environment of play areas, they develop cognitive and… Continue reading

At Our Libraries

With fall comes a return to routine and reading at our libraries.  We have freshened up our locations with new bulletin boards in the children’s spaces.  We hope all the patrons enjoy the small addition to our decor.  Storytime continues this fall with our STEAM focused activities, CMLibraries is inclusive… Continue reading

From the Sock Drawer to the Shelves of Chapters: Catherine Cerveny Writes

It takes a lifetime to write your first book and six months to write the second, so the story goes.  For Catherine Cerveny, that will also be true for her third. A self-professed nerd, Catherine has been writing all her life, and has a sock drawer full of unfinished stories… Continue reading

Nexicom Projects to Bring Fibre to Local Rural Communities

  At the September 18th Council meeting, Tina Thornton – Manager, Special Assignments with Nexicom, outlined the firm’s plans to launch new fibre-based internet service to three local communities with help from the Connect to Innovate Program.  Launched last year by the department of Industry, Science and Economic Development branch… Continue reading

Jordie Westbrook Joins the Bethany Real Estate Team

After seven years climbing cell towers lugging heavy wires to rig cell phone communication towers for a number of companies, Jordie Westbrook has decided to keep his feet on the ground in a new career.  He joins Kathie Lycett as a sales rep for Bethany Real Estate.  Kathie is not… Continue reading

Dignity Restored to Pontypool’s Abandoned Grain Elevator

  On September 16th, Kathy Morton, President of the Manvers Township Historical Society hosted a dedication ceremony for the unveiling of the renovated grain elevator in Pontypool.  This particular structure was built in 1918 to replace the original elevator built in 1894. It is the last elevator if its kind… Continue reading

Galerie Q invites you to an incredible two-day event

Our very own “Peintre au chapeau” Yvon Lemieux is travelling from Québec city to give his art followers an opportunity to experience art making up close. Watch Lemieux create in real time and engage with him as he produces two works of art over the September 30th weekend.  Guests will… Continue reading