Galerie Q invites you to an incredible two-day event


Our very own “Peintre au chapeau” Yvon Lemieux is travelling from Québec city to give his art followers an opportunity to experience art making up close.

Watch Lemieux create in real time and engage with him as he produces two works of art over the September 30th weekend.  Guests will have the opportunity of a lifetime to watch him as he paints two unique and inspiring Québec scenes.  On September 30th he will paint an urban scene of a typical summer day in Québec and on October 1st the image created will be an atmospheric Midnight mass scene over winter holidays.

Yvon Lemieux is a self-taught artist who started painting at the age of 17 and has been teaching painting since 1988. He is particularly inspired by artist Clarence Gagnon and he keeps in mind Gagnon’s compositions and atmospheres while creating his own works.

There is a sweetness to Yvon’s paintings that allow you to watch as the story unfolds within each scene. He paints landscape and shows his humorous side by telling a story of backyard card games, of good old Sunday meetings with friends. Yvon has a distinct recognizable style when he paints people. They are painted without expression, which is done purposely to allow the audience the opportunity to be able to see what or who they want to see as it speaks to them.

Galerie Q looks forward to seeing all of you to greet Yvon Lemieux!

Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no charge for admission. Light refreshments will be served. KG

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