Jordie Westbrook Joins the Bethany Real Estate Team


Photo supplied. Jordie Westbrook joins Bethany Real Estate as Millbrook’s newest rep.

After seven years climbing cell towers lugging heavy wires to rig cell phone communication towers for a number of companies, Jordie Westbrook has decided to keep his feet on the ground in a new career.  He joins Kathie Lycett as a sales rep for Bethany Real Estate.  Kathie is not only his mentor but also his mother, and was instrumental in convincing Jordie to make the switch.  In the current real estate market she was looking for help, and while things have slowed down a bit, real estate activity is still steady in the Millbrook area.

According to Jordie, this is a good thing.  There is enough stress for buyers in a real estate transaction without the added pressure of dealing with competitive bids, which were common in the area this spring.  Homes are still selling, but at a more normal pace, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to educate themselves about their potential purchase before making the leap.

While Jordie currently lives on Rice Lake, he is drawn to the small town atmosphere of Millbrook and expects a move to Millbrook is in his future.  He loves the area and looks forward to establishing a routine that involves regular trips to local shops including a coffee run to the Pastry Peddler.  Despite his youth, he is drawn to older homes and appreciates the spacious lots and mature settings they offer that are not available in new developments.  His new job gives him an inside edge in the market, putting him in a good position to find just the right home.  Welcome to Millbrook, Jordie! KG

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