Millbrook & Area Garden Club’s October Meeting

With the copious spring and summer’s rains all kinds of interesting fungi have appeared in area gardens and woodlands. Come and learn more about this often overlooked fantastic world from Irka Dyczok who is passionate and knowledgeable on this subject on Wednesday October 6th, 2017 at St. Thomas Anglican Church,… Continue reading

A Peek Inside Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

Fall is, traditionally, the best season for hiking (although this year has been stifling!). Nonetheless, getting out to enjoy the fall colours will no doubt be a focus for many in the coming months. While out enjoying the vibrant flora and diversity of nature, consider that approximately 80% of medications… Continue reading

NASA may build a magnetic shield for colonizing Mars

Mars lies at an average distance from Earth of 225 million kilometers. But the latest idea for making the Red Planet habitable for humankind seems even further out. The problems that must be surmounted are that Mars has no rotating molten iron core to produce an electromagnetic shield and it… Continue reading

Is Screen Time Safe for Young Children?

This summer brought a house full of young grandchildren and the discovery that the television was magical in keeping little ones quiet while others still slept. However, each time I reached for the remote, tiny pangs of guilt stirred in my chest: how safe is screen time for young children?… Continue reading