Millbrook Farmers’ Market Update – May 2020

As of press time, the opening of the Millbrook Farmers’ Market continues to be postponed.  We are currently awaiting additional information from Peterborough Public Health, the agency that oversees and regulates farmers’ markets.

Under provincial COVID-19 directives, farmers’ markets are considered an essential service and our local health unit (PPH) has affirmed that they can be run safely with the appropriate measures in place.  However, it is of utmost importance to note that, if we resume operations in the short term, it will NOT be business as usual.  Both vendors and shoppers will be required to abide by strict new PPH regulations addressing safety and customer traffic flow issues.

Among these new regulations are:  one person per family shopping; limits on how many people can enter the market area; one way only traffic flow; physical distancing in line-ups; order ahead options and pre-packaged foods; no food sampling; no non-food sales; no extra-curricular activities; and “get in, get out” shopping.  These and other safety measures will be enforced by Peterborough Public Health.

Once we receive the additional information from our health unit and consult with our Township Council, we will determine the best (safest) way forward for our community.  In the meantime, please continue to shop at our local farm gates and contact our vendors directly to order by phone, email or online (  Also, we are hoping to soon have another avenue available for buying and selling local food (see Coming Soon…A New Local Food Network, in this edition).

By Leni Rautiainen

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