Letters to the Editor – May 2020

Since the fall, we have not been allowed to put our recycling into the blue recycling bags which kept the items off the roads and out of the ditches.  Now our street is lined with recycling debris and ditches are collecting content that is blowing out of our blue boxes.  On top of the recycling waste is litter from Peterborough This Week.  Their delivery staff just throws the paper in the direction of the driveway but sometimes it lands in the ditch.  It took 5 calls, 2 years ago, to get them to stop delivering to my house, but it has begun again so they probably have a new driver.

I don’t mind picking up the odd bottle or can that has blown in my direction, but the volume of debris out there now is ridiculous.  I now bag my recyclables and take them to a recycling depot, so my blue boxes are not contributing to this mess, but the recycling bags worked well and eliminated the problem.  Trash littering our roads detracts from our neighbourhood. We would like our streets to be as well-maintained as our homes.

Dave Gilmore, Millbrook

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