Kellyanne Conway, flat Earth and celebrity experts

To be a fact something has to be proven time and time again with the same end result. Gravity is a fact. You can prove it once by jumping off a tall building. Or numerous times by dropping eggs on the floor. So where did the term “alternative fact” come… Continue reading

The weaponization of outer space – it’s happening now

Space exploration has come to mean habitats on Mars, discovering five thousand distant suns with exoplanets whirling about them and all kinds of cool experiments taking place on the International Space Station. But there is a dark side lurking behind the headlines. Many companies are now involved in designing space… Continue reading

Canada – who and what took its place in space

Canada’s first astronomers weren’t called Canadians. They were the native peoples. For centuries they had been reading the northern skies to learn when to plant and when to harvest their crops. Like the Greeks and Romans their legends and history were written in the constellations they perceived in the star… Continue reading

Facts about Earth so weird they’re, well…unearthly

I spend a lot of time blathering about the planets, galaxies and all sorts of weird stuff. Today’s article remains focused on the bazaar, only this time it’s closer to home – like planet Earth. What astounding tidbits and treasures have I uncovered? Here’s what’s up down here. Let’s start… Continue reading

April’s Constellations are Invading the Night Sky

As the Sun sets in the west, Hercules the strong man and Bootes the herdsman are well up in the east. Can’t find the Big Dipper? It’s overhead at this time of year, so look up, up, farther up. Also known as the Great Bear, the Dipper is almost straight… Continue reading

Beware March 12 is the Night of “The Worm Moon”

  The Worm Moon isn’t at all creepy crawly. It’s really a good thing, especially for you gardeners. The Worm Moon is the name given the Full Moon in spring when the worms started turning up the soil. It originated with the native peoples and was passed on to the… Continue reading

Warm up to winter with November’s night sky

Yes, it’s coming, the blizzards, crumby road conditions, -40C nights and shoveling, shoveling, shoveling. So when you think about it, November ain’t so bad. You don’t have to bundle up like Bib the Michelin Man and you can still leave your Stanfield long Johns or Lady Stanfield counterparts neatly folded… Continue reading