Local Organic Farm Expands Produce Line

Maryann Caldwell Merridy Senior and Eben Hancock are the owners and operators of the 100 year old farm known as Puddle Duck Farm which they purchased in 2012. Since then, they have been busy with: house and barn improvements,caring for the animals (lots of cows and chickens, three Indian running ducks, a goat… Continue reading

The City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team celebrated its fifth year during which they have brought new health care professionals and health programs for patients in our area including nurse practitioners, family health nurses, medical receptionists, clinical social workers, a psychologist, pharmacist, registered dietitian, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist and… Continue reading

Hard Working Youth Establishes Successful Business

  Maryann Caldwell Many of the most successful people in business started out as teenage entrepreneurs. If that is true, then Josh Roberts, of Josh’s Property Maintenance is well on his way. At the age of 9, Josh started mowing lawns and shoveling snow for his neighbours. Josh is now… Continue reading

Wish Health And Happiness to Others, And Have it Yourself This Holiday Season

Sarah Sobanski With seasons greetings come seasonal waistlines, and while Christmas calorie counting isn’t something we want to think about until resolution-time, nutrition shouldn’t go out the window for that second helping of Grandma’s famous triple-chocolate cake. Whether you’re skipping meals to fit into your holiday dress wear, or poking… Continue reading

Vibrant Young Clinic Serves Up Beautiful Smiles and Good Oral Health

Karen Graham It has been three years now since Dr. Ken Lee took over the local dental practise from Dr. David Neale who served the community for many years. As a university student, Dr. Lee knew his interest lay in the sciences, and considered medicine, ophthalmology and dentistry. As a… Continue reading

A Store for Kids of All Ages- Driveonics Comes to Millbrook

Karen Graham Since the paper came off the windows of the new electronics store on King Street, the fingerprints have been collecting as youngsters peer in to check out the merchandise. It’s like nothing the town has ever seen before, and that makes owners Justin Ward and Nichole Nydan very… Continue reading

New Retail Business in Cavan: Sisters’ Fine Gifts

Karen Graham When Nicole Scott came into Bridget Anastasia’s with her mother in mid-October, owner Catherine Moore was in the back room sorting through the newly arrived Christmas merchandise, planning her seasonal displays. Two weeks later, she was retired and the displays and all her other responsibilities had been handed… Continue reading