Ambitious Redevelopment Plan for Fraserville Relies on Expedited Planning Approval

At the December 6th Council meeting, Richard Weldon of Romspen, an experienced Toronto developer, made a presentation requesting Council support for a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) for a revitalization project in and around Kawartha Downs Raceway and Shorelines Slots location. The land included in the proposal consists of three properties… Continue reading

Where Are They Now?

Greetings From Kosovo: Former Millbrook Resident Describes the Start of a Career with the Canadian Armed Forces. Andrew Kim and his siblings Eugene and Audery grew up in Millbrook where his parents owned and operated Mister Convenience for many years.  A typical teenager who played football for Holy Cross in… Continue reading

One Weird Trick to Make You See Through Time

A miracle occurred near dawn on December 25, a miracle that united all the world in a spirit of hope, peace, and cooperation. That event was the successful launch of the James Webb Space Telescope from French Guiana at 7:20 AM and the beginning of its long journey toward a… Continue reading

Millbrook Christian Assembly to Host Alpha Program

The New Year is promising new season at Millbrook Christian Assembly, with more plans for community involvement underway! One program that we are especially excited to share with the Millbrook community is called “Alpha.”  This program is a thought-provoking, 11-week faith-based gathering that dives into the fundamentals of life, faith… Continue reading