George, My Icon for 2018

The Christmas season is over. We’ve said good-bye to wishing strangers Merry Christmas. Spontaneous generosity is tucked away with the decorations for another year. For some of us, we’ve made our yearly pilgrimage to church for the Christmas Eve service. No need to go again ’til next Christmas. Does it… Continue reading

In Her Second Career, Janet Stobie Writes

In her previous career, Janet Stobie was a United Church Minister, caring for congregations across Ontario.  Seven years ago she decided to serve in a different way; one where she could stay put and enjoy a new phase in her life with more time for her own family.  With each… Continue reading

How Does God Deal with Our Choices for Evil?

When a child dies, a well-intentioned friend sometimes offers comfort to the grieving parents with, “God needed your child in heaven.” A natural disaster, or strange misfortune is greeted with, “There must have been a reason.” The Bible story of Joseph, the favored child, is often cited as the basis… Continue reading

Today’s Faith: A Tip for Lasting Energy

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place,  where he prayed. (Matthew 1:35) As we tear around every day caring for others, fulfilling our responsibilities, we often forget to nurture our own souls. In her book, “Glimpses of Grace,” Madeline… Continue reading