What is Special About Canada Day for You?

My special needs granddaughter asked me if I was preaching at a church on Canada Day, which is also her birthday. When I answered yes, she asked, “Will you talk about Canada Day?” “Well, yes,” I answered. Then I asked, “What is special for you about Canada Day?” Without even… Continue reading

Janet Stobie Launches New Novel

Last December Janet was celebrating the publication of another children’s book.  She appreciates variety, so this time her book is for a more mature audience.  After three years in the works, Janet Stobie is set to launch her newest novel entitled To Begin Again, the evening of June 13th at… Continue reading

April Fool’s Day, an Interesting Day for Easter Sunday

  St. Paul talks about being fools for Christ. Believing in the resurrection of Jesus is certainly considered foolish by some people. Even more foolish I suppose is my belief that Jesus still lives today. I don’t mind being foolish. I do believe that God calls us to be the… Continue reading

Your “Love Footprint”

Today we talk a great deal about shrinking our “carbon footprint.” Advertising, education, news reports, books, magazines, and other people have all had a part in raising my consciousness on environmental issues. I have soaked in enough warnings about not polluting our environment that I find it difficult to casually… Continue reading