Music Therapy Reaches Residents at a Fundamental Level

  Centennial Place residents are fortunate to receive regular visits from an enthusiastic young man delivering a special form of therapy.  Luke Lee Burton leads group and individual sessions of Music Therapy for residents every other week.  He brings with him extensive training as a musician and therapist, armed with… Continue reading

Behaviour Management Support for Long Term Care

As life expectancy extends, so does the time spent in a less functional body.  Long term care homes like Centennial Place seek ways to help their residents as they adapt to the inevitable physical and mental decline as centenary birthday celebrations become more common. While there are many challenges facing… Continue reading

Long Wait Lists and New Services at Centennial Place

  Centennial Place is a privately owned Long Term Care Home operated by AON of Peterborough, and part of a local family-owned company that builds, owns and operates a variety of residential and commercial properties. Their buildings include a family of residences for seniors, with four long term seniors’ residences… Continue reading

Montessori Principals Can Restore Dignity to Dementia Patients

Centennial Place has a high concentration of residents suffering from various stages of dementia.  An umbrella term, dementia includes a number of different types of diseases that affect the brain, each with its own set of memory impairment symptoms, including Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia or Frontotemporal disease.  These… Continue reading