Local Adult Hockey Opportunities at the Millbrook Arena

Photo Karen Graham. Weekly adult pick-up game

On Friday mornings, you can play around or play a game at the Millbrook Arena.  All it takes is time, some skates and a hockey helmet.  Two adult-based programs are available for a $2 fee, beginning with Puck and Stick at 10 o’clock.  Participants must wear skates as well as CSA approved hockey helmets, but no other hockey equipment is allowed and there are no goalies during this hour-long activity.  The Puck and Stick program is offered three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On Fridays, the warm up during the Puck and Stick is followed by a non-contact, open scrimmage at 11 am.  For the past ten years, this has been an opportunity for local women to show their stuff to their male counterparts.  This program is open to players 25 and older and is very well attended, particularly by a core group of women.  Goalies are welcome for this one hour program and are always in demand.  The games are very informal; other than the goalie, there are no assigned positions.  Players rotate along the bench, going on the ice as their turn comes up.

Photo Karen Graham.
Weekly adult pick-up game

There is ice time available to extend this program to three days a week, and some participants would love to see the interest in the scrimmage program extend to fill those slots.  While some hockey experience is required, the most important thing to bring to the rink is a good attitude.  It’s not the time to prove you were overlooked by the NHL, but an opportunity to get some exercise with a few friends and neighbours in a friendly, respectful game of shinny.   KG

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