‘Don’t Be Sheepish About Coming In’ Williams Design Studio

Sarah Sobanski The Williams didn’t find art, so much as art found them. “If [art] is in you, you have to do it,” according to Paul Williams of Williams Design Studio, explaining regardless of the passion, the artist will end up using a creative outlet somehow. Paul and Beverly Williams… Continue reading

Valerie Kent leads Art Classes at Local Elementary Schools

Patrick Stephen The class rooms were full of excitement and creativity on Wednesday at North Cavan Public school as Senior Kindergarten students took part in a special art class. After all, what could be more exciting than pallets of paint, paintbrushes, blank pages, a healthy amount of soap and endless… Continue reading

Dams Won’t Be Enough Against Climate Change Related Flooding

Sarah Sobanski “Climate change isn’t a religion,” says Associate Professor Blair Feltmate of the University of Waterloo’s Department of the Environment. In his view, climate change isn’t a matter of belief anymore, it’s a matter of facts – and the facts say we need to start preparing for circumstances, specifically… Continue reading

Barn Quilt Trail Project Seeking Artistic, Fabrication and Financial Support

Karen Graham At this week’s Council meeting, Lenka Petric of the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail Project presented an overview of the status of this impressive community project. With a current target of 30 barn quilts on the table, Petric outlined the vision of the group, which includes a wide… Continue reading

Animal Surgical Patients Need Blood Transfusions, Too

Karen Graham Business in the emergency practise of local veterinary clinic, Cavan Hills, has picked up significantly over the past few years. Dr. Audrey Chouinard believes pet owners are taking more dramatic (and expensive) steps to heal their pets when faced with serious illness and traumatic injury.   No longer does… Continue reading