Volunteers Plant Trees along Millpond Through TD Tree Days Program

On the morning if Saturday, September 14th, while many were attending the Grand Opening celebrations at the new Cavan Monaghan Community Centre, a group of more than fifty volunteers were down the hill participating with Otonabee Conservation Regional Authority (ORCA) staff planting native trees and shrubs as part of the annual TD Tree Days event.

Embracing the bright sun shine, the community volunteers and representatives from TD and Otonabee Conservation planted 250 small trees and shrubs including Speckled Alder, Dogwood, Elderberry, Eastern White Cedar, Nannyberry, and Willow along the shoreline of the Millpond at Medd’s Mountain along Station Trail.  The planting will enhance habitat for wildlife, support natural diversity, wildlife habitat, provide shade, and mitigate climate change impacts.  An event made possible through TD Tree Days, the activity was also part of the ongoing rehabilitation of the area after the completion of the reconstruction of the Millbrook Dam.

Supporting the volunteer efforts were ORCA staff helping with the planting efforts and providing technical support and information about the value of trees within the natural environment.

Meredith Carter, ORCA’s Manager of Watershed Management Programs explained, “The planting of trees provides countless benefits from filtering the air we breathe, to regulating temperatures and providing shelter to wildlife. Trees also have a tremendous capacity to capture carbon dioxide, mitigating climate change.”

“Today’s TD Tree Days event supports TD’s Ready Commitment to help plant 1 million trees by 2030 in communities across the country,” explained Erin McLeod, TD Canada Trust Employee and volunteer Site Leader. McLeod pointed out that more than 300,000 trees planted at TD Tree Days since 2010 have absorbed roughly 5,768 tonnes of CO2, which is equal to the emissions released from 1,235 passenger vehicles in just one year; over time, as these trees grow and mature, the amount of carbon they absorb will increase each year.

“The day was a great success,” Stated McLeod, “TD and so many community volunteers had a great time and did an amazing job, which speaks well of the commitment of TD staff, their families, and municipal support from the Township of Cavan Monaghan to improving the local environment and enhancing outdoor recreation opportunities through TD Tree Days.” KG

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